The fc barcelona will not have it easy to do  with the signing of the central English

The FC Barcelona, to the tail in the difficult signing of John Stones

The FC Barcelona, to the tail in the difficult signing of John Stones

Published:22/01/2016 - 12:56h


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The FC Barcelona will not have it at all easy if really it decides to bid with varied of the big clubs of Europe by the signing of John Stones of face to the next season. Chelsea and Manchester United already would have negotiations advanced with the Everton by more than 60 "kilos"

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The newspaper "Sport" ensures that the FC Barcelona would be in the actuality the last big club in the podium for doing with the signing of John Stones of face to the next season, since Chelsea and Manchester United would have to the central youngster English like big priority for the next course and already would keep negotiations advanced with the Everton to do with the incorporation, having launched equal or upper offers to the 60 million euros. The Barça would not be had to arrive to such quantities by the central of 21 years, that in spite of being the best of England in his place, still has a lot for learning and would arrive to the Barça more as I complement that like indisputable star in the alignments of Luis Enrique.

The Everton already knows that será very difficult retain a season more to John Stones, and by this reason would have now the will to take out the maximum quantity of possible money of his likely course. Chelsea, that put on the table the past summer more than 50 "kilos" by the footballer, would have offered now 65 "kilos" to ensure the signing of the player of face to the next summer. The Manchester United, by his part, would arrive until the 59 million euros, giving to the Everton besides the option to carry in quality of yielded to a player of the staff "network devil".

In Chelsea already see to Stones like future heir of John Terry in the saga, whereas the Manchester United carries years looking for to a footballer that can turn into the new River Ferdinand of the defensive axis of the "red devils". Stones Is international absolute with England and all see him in the islands like the immediate future in said position to turn into one of the best of the world. In Goodison Park, in any case, would prefer to command to Stones far of the Premier League not to have to confront to him neither reinforce to any of his rivals in the competition, by what this would be the only baza of the FC Barcelona, beside the one of Gerard Deulofeu, to try do with the signing of the young defender.

It hits it it is that the FC Barcelona would not want to offer so much money by a young promise next summer, since it will have so only of 60 million euros for fichar -more sales- and wishes to reinforce more than a position, surely the one of head office, but also the one of forward, being able to pay the signing of Nolito in the case that it arrive finally yielded with option of purchase during the present wintry market.

It is thus that the Barça would pay less money by Stones, in spite of playing with letters more seductive for the Everton that the ones of Chelsea and Manchester United. It will be necessary to see what is what finish sucediendo with the young English defender, but what is clear is that, for the moment, the Barcelona is by behind the two big British clubs in the bidding by the footballer.

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