Mauro Icardi is one of the youngsters with better future of the world-wide football

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The five young talents called to relieve to the "MSN"

Published:10/05/2016 - 19:55h

Updated:10/05/2016 - 19:55h

Although the FC Barcelona has the best forward of the world, never is of more have a list of young talents that can reinforce to the team, learn of them and even relieve them arrived the case of any future exit

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True is that the Barça has the three better forwards of the world. Luis Suárez, Leo Messi and Neymar Júnior revolotean by the Barcelona attack appearing by the left, right and centre to go back crazy to the rival defences and reach, to date, 249 goals since they did brothers of arms. They are the best, yes, but the club has to have covered at least in the technical office these positions if it gives the case to have to relieve to any of them.

These are the five leading youngsters with more future:

-Breel Embolo
This Cameroonian of the Basilea is, to his nineteen years, one of the authentic feelings of Europe. With a pure quality and a spectacular skill, remembers a lot to Samuel Eto'or in his starts in the RCD Mallorca. A lion indomable that this campaign already has annotated fourteen goals and has given nine assistances. But especially it has stood out by his rapidity, his changes of rhythm and his powerful shot.

-Anthony Martial
The international French of the Manchester United already is, to his twenty years, all a reality. Although It Is costing him acclimate to the change of airs made of France to England, Martial is considered the new Thierry Henry by his form to play. Very swift, powerful and with a grandísima quality, this campaign has signed sixteen goals and die nine assistances. His hándicap is to have him side to the United 80 million euros.

-Harry Kane
The Barça already showed does time his interest by this international British that has exploded of the all in this 2015-2016. A campaign that is being the one of his confirmation and where has guided to the Tottenham to struggle until the last moment by the Premier League. In spite of his twenty-two years, Kane is the leader of his team and a man of authentic hierarchy. All follows him because, besides, is very good. In spite of his 1,88 metres, has an incredible quality, plays well with both feet and is an expert in the aerial game.

-Romelu Lukaku
It is the nine of the Everton, where anybody litigates him the titularity. A beast physically, has a big quality and a speed endiablada that allows him fall to band and zafarse of his rivals in career. It takes advantage of very well it spaces and his game remembers even to the of Suárez. To his twenty-two years is a footballer with a big future.

-Mauro Icardi
With past in the inferior categories of the FC Barcelona, Mauro Icardi decided to look for the habichuelas in Italy. The Inter of Milan was the team chosen and in which it exploded in the international football. Man with a lot of quality, fast, technician and all a specialist in the penaltis. His only but is his character, that sometimes plays him very bad past, being east an appearance to correct to his 23 years.

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