Philippe Coutinho in a party of the FC Barcelona


The Glass America reinforces the interest in Coutinho with two beaux like favourites

Published:16/06/2019 - 20:22h

Updated:16/06/2019 - 20:22h

After a season to forget in the FC Barcelona, Philippe Coutinho is drowning his penalties in the Glass America. His good performance has reinforced the interest in his contracting, but it is necessary to take into account that the signing is not near at hand of any one

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The season 2018-19 finish of form agridulce for the FC Barcelona, that has several subjects for resolving this summer. To general level, will treat to reinforce a team that remained short by little in his fight by the triplete, and to individual level, will try to park the doubts that in the last months have surrounded to varied of his footballers, giving back confidence and ambition to a changing room something 'touched'.

Between the proper names of the window estival stands out the one of Philippe Coutinho, whose second year in the Camp Nou has been to forget. The carioca started well but went dissolving with the step of the parties, with a worrisome depression that affected him mental and especially futbolísticamente, since it was not able more than to leave some chispazos isolated and hardly ever was to the height of what expects of him.

This situation has planted to the ex of the Liverpool in the market, and the Glass America will be determinant. If the Brazilian follows with the lights turned off his traspaso will turn into an almost impossible mission, and if, as for the moment it has occurred, recovers the smile, the operation will be something simpler, because it gave the esteemed argument of the interest of other clubs.

The list of beaux of the attacker is powerful but reduced, since his incorporation is not to the height of any one. They invested 120 million fixed euros and 40 more in variables in taking out him of Anfield, what has caused that the requirements barcelonistas mark a minimum of 100 'kilos' to leave him leave, taking into account that when they start the negotiations, what more obtain better.

In spite of that the one of River has traced back notably in the last days, PSG and Chelsea keep like main alternative, and are not exentas of difficulties. The relation with the Frenchmen is very complicated, although key pieces like Neymar have demanded his signing and the new sportive director, Leonardo, has it underlined in red. The English, by his part, have a new adventure in Champions and 100 millions that received by Eden Hazard, although the problem is that if the TAS does not accelerate and says the contrary, the sanction of the FIFA will prevent them inscribe players.

These are not the only 'girlfriends' that has the crack, but of course, are those that have more possibilities. Philippe conserves a big poster in the Premier League, but the Manchester City has the very covered place and has not asked still by his price, the Tottenham could opt for selecting aims this summer and to the Arsenal escapes him of budget, although no descarta a new attempt of the Manchester United, that would not have the 'himself' of Coutinho because this keeps faithful to the Liverpool, in which would have the enclosed doors.

The Barça could opt for recovering to Coutinho

The sale aims to be the simplest solution for the case Coutinho, but the Barça could opt for recovering him. His performances with Brazil confirm that no has forgotten him play, so perhaps it would be worthwhile to do an effort to treat to fit his talent in the diagrams of Ernesto Valverde. With the centre of the field parked and the forward complicated, the half tip could offer a more natural exit if the technician adapts again his training.

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