Paulinho Sampaio Had to be withdrawn in stretcher


The impressive injury of Paulinho Sampaio, the jewel gone on down the Barça

Published:5/04/2018 - 19:26h

Updated:6/04/2018 - 10:03h

In the last weeks has gone out to the light the labeling of the observers of the FC Barcelona to Paulinho Sampaio, another interesting promise of the Brazilian quarry, but today the news is an inopportune injury. In a duel of Glass Libertadores, the youngster lastimó the elbow

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The injuries have been a tonic inopportune along the season in the FC Barcelona, that has seen like several of his key pieces remained out of fight for some important commitments. In full decisive phase of the season, still there is some worry by the physical state of the staff, and have extremado the cautions for the final sprint.

Precisely on injuries have informed this Thursday the observers that visit regularly to Paulinho Sampaio, one of the jewels of the Brazilian quarry that has called the attention of several big of the old continent. The leading youngster fell in the last apparition with the Basque gives Range, and gave a big fright to his fans.

Paulinho lesiona The elbow in the Glass Libertadores

His team visited to the Cruzeiro in the Glass Libertadores, and far to be news by his performance, went it by a spectacular mishap, that finish with the player going out of the field in stretcher and a worry that later has recessed in the club. The images speak by himself same.

It ran the minute 70 of game when the attacker accelerated to arrive to a balloon divided, and after the crash with a rival, fell to the floor. When putting the arm to balance , his elbow yielded to the mistaken side, causing a dislocación and a small fracture, that will prevent him be, for the moment, in the next commitment against the Botafogo.

The tension and the gestures of pain of the footballer did to presage the worst, but although surely it happened a bad while, is slope of proofs for descartar a greater problem. Many of the mates, opponents, means and clubs of the country have devoted him messages of spirit, waiting for knowing the definite diagnostic.

The big will struggle by Paulinho

To date, what is clear is that it will not be neither the first time neither the last that there is 'spies' in the meetings of the Basque gives Range, whose promise has generated the interest of some of the best teams of the world. Several sources aim to that the PSG would go in head, but the Juventus, the Barça and the Madrid also walk behind his signing. It will be necessary to see the one who carries the cat to the water.

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