Marco Verratti and Thiago Silva, in a train with the PSG

The one of the PSG has the last word

The letters of the Barça are on the table: it Commands Verratti

Published:28/06/2017 - 10:05h

Updated:28/06/2017 - 10:05h

After Marco Verratti and his agent said him to Paris Saint-Germain that they want to fichar by the FC Barcelona, and after descartar any attempt of retention by French part, the Barcelona group expects a big gesture of the player inside a week

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The FC Barcelona has clear in which moment of the game finds to the hour to face the signing of Marco Verratti with Paris Saint-Germain. The letters already are delivered and on the table, the players have said his, have thrown "farol" and is the moment to bet, bet blindly.

This is what expect the Barcelona that do the Italian midfield player inside a week. The culés know that the PSG does not want to negotiate, have refused to do it up to now and only the footballer could achieve if it shows in rebeldía.

From the entity blaugrana are happy when seeing it sucedido these days, the reactions of Frame to false news that spoke of a possible renewal with the very yielding French, and has remained clear his intention to go out to the City Condal. But now they need a last act of faith by his part.

East will arrive the next four July, the day in which Unai Emery has called to his boys to begin the pre-season. This day Verratti can not present by the installations of the Parisian team. In case that it do it, the Barça will launch the towel by him and will launch to by other options.

Verratti, to be followed the example of Javier Mascherano

If taut the rope and forces to the PSG to negotiate, Marco Verratti will finish visitiendo the Barcelona. There is not more, is the only way that have from the club culé so that the Frenchmen feel to negotiate with them.

Thus the one of Fished would have to follow the example of Javier Mascherano in his day, forcing his exit of Liverpool for recalar in Can Barça. Although the English did not want to sell, the footballer planted , to such an extent that it denied to travel to a friendly of pre-season, causing the anger of the then trainer 'network' Roy Hodgson, that accused him of not being centred neither prepared mentally by fault of his signing. Few days afterwards finish in the Camp Nou.

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