The real madrid will not be able to fichar in two markets of consecutive signings

The new president FIFA could indultar to Madrid and Athletic

The new president FIFA could indultar to Madrid and Athletic

Published:15/01/2016 - 09:44h


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The FIFA chooses to a new president the next 26 February, and no descarta that this can involve a possible reprieve for Real Madrid and Athletic of Madrid, the two Spanish clubs that have been sanctioned without being able to fichar along two windows followed of the market

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Although it results little likely, the newspaper "Sport" has informed in the last hours of the possibility that the new president of the FIFA, that will choose the next 26 February, can indultar to Real Madrid and Athletic of Madrid and "forgive" the sanction with which the maximum organism of the international football has punished in the last days to both clubs, that will not be able to make signings along the two next windows of the market.

This would be the last big resource to the that would receive the two teams of the Spanish capital, that could be forgiven by one of the five candidates that present to the elections of the FIFA, with Gianni Infantino like big favourite. Ali To the Hussein, Salman Bin Ebrahim To the Khalifa, Jérôme Champagne, Gianni Infantino and Tokyo Sexwale are those who present , and one of them will relieve to Joseph Blatter at the head of the organism.

Real Madrid and Athletic have expressed already his intention to resort in front of the committee of Appeal of the FIFA, but could see benefited by surprise with the election of a new president after the expulsion of Joseph Blatter by corruption. The votes will carry out the next 26 February in a first turn in which it could remain already all enclosed, although it is possible that need a second turn for discernir with clarity who finish being the new president.

Why they have sanctioned to Real Madrid and Athletic?

The maximum organism of the international football has ascertained "that both clubs violated several relative disposals to the signings and the first register of lower footballers of foreign age, as well as other concernientes to the registration and participation of players in determinate competitions". Of this form, the FIFA bases in "the infringement of the articles 5, 9, 19 and 19bis, as well as of the annexes 2 and 3 of the Regulation on the Statute and the Transfer of Players and to both clubs will forbid them fichar and give of high to any national footballer or foreigner during the next two periods of whole contracting (until summer of 2017)".

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