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Haaland's ordeal to Dortmund comes soon for Barça

Published:15/01/2022 - 17:04h

Updated:15/01/2022 - 17:04h

For FC Barcelona it could be a problem that Erling Haaland is obliged to make a decision about his future in the coming weeks. The 'bid' for his signing could start shortly

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The FC Barcelona finish to live weeks complicated in the research of a formula to generate 'fair play' financial and inscribe to Ferran Torres. The cession of Philippe Coutinho to the Aston Villa and the contractual readjustment of Samuel Umtiti were keys, but the picture culé has remained in the same position of before and goes back to be limited to look for new signings. Simultaneously, it has exploded the 'case Haaland' and his future seems that it will decide in brief. The Norwegian is forced to communicate to the Borusssia Dortmund if it will remain a year more or will change of airs... And this can be a big problem for the Barça.

The órdago of Haaland has arrived before the planned and finds to the Barcelona entity in a moment very, very delicate to economic level, in which think in a millionaire movement seem to be a chimaera. The 'killer' Norwegian could say that it will leave of the Signal Iduna Park and two minutes afterwards will have a sinfín of offers on his table: it Can the Barça do him arrive one, when it does a week was looking for to inscribe to Ferran? To day of today, seems very complicated.

Joan Laporta, president culé, has done to know to the surroundings of the player on the interest of the Barça. In the Camp Nou see him like a player that could lead the Barcelona project at least by the next decade and like this have manifested it. The problem is that that wish/interest is not the only that goes in at stake in an operation that aims to be one of the most important of the next times and that, surely, will involve a very important outlay for the club that achieve to do with the services of the player that is called to be the heir of the throne of Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Barça finds with two problems if they want to go in in the 'bidding' by Haaland. First, the competition. They are many the teams those that will go in in the career by the footballer. For the moment, the Real Madrid and Manchester City are the big 'competitors', but beyond all doubt clubs like the Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool or Bayern of Munich will be attentive to what decide in the weeks to come. All they, by the way, have a big economic health and would be in conditions to throw the house by the window to achieve the traspaso of the Norwegian.

However, it is not the only that plays against of the Barça. And it is a 'obstacle' elder. It is not a secret for anybody that the club does not have margin salarial and that, for fichar to new footballers, before has to generate too much income. We have lived it with Ferran Torres and went almost a nightmare for Mateu Alemany and company. With Haaland, would be an operation costs up that would force to the culés to begin to take out accounts from this time on same. The Barcelona (and the rest of clubs) are conscious of what, probably, will cost Haaland. And this would force to the Barça to have income importantísimos (and complicated to achieve).

Although yes it would exist a clause of rescission of 75 million euros, that would be the mount to pay for the Borussia Dortmund, nor will be the only that it will be necessary to disburse by the Norwegian forward. Before, it had commented that his agent and father will ask a 'substantial' prime of signing that would rise to the 60 million euros: 40 'kilos' for the representative and other 20 for Alf-Inge Haaland. Even if this last mount reduces to the half (30 millions) keeps on being a very big investment.

It would be, as minimum 105 millions, to which it would be necessary to add the 35 or 40 'kilos' gross that it wants to earn Haaland by season. With these montos in mind, the Barça would have to take out his calculator and begin to work in how much would cost the Norwegian for the mass salarial culé, considering that, as in the rest of signings, the club has to stick to the rules '1 to 4' and '1 to 2' for the registration in League of said footballer, due to the fact that it exceeds -maybe too- his limit salarial.

Like this then , to have an idea of what could 'cost' Haaland to the mass salarial (and therefore, inscribe it), can take the previous data like example: 75 millions for the Dortmund + 60 of commission: 135 'kilos' of his signing, but to this it is necessary to add him, besides, the wage of, minimum 35 millions. Like this they would remain the accounts:

  1. Price of purchase: 135 million euros
  2. Years of agreement (ideal): 5 years
  3. Gross wage: 35 million euros
  4. Amortización: 27 millions each season (135/5 = 27)
  5. Annual cost for the mass salarial: 27 million euros + 35 million = 62 'kilos'

No only they would be 62 millions

The problem, in the mass salarial, is that like the Barça exceeds his limit salarial, has to stick to the rules '1 to 4' and '1 to 2', the first establishes that by each four euros freed with a sale with plusvalías or discount salarial, can use one to inscribe to a player. In a simple example, if the Haaland costs 62 million euros by season, the Barça would have to generate income (by sales or discounts) of 248 'kilos' to inscribe it.

With the '1 to 2', which uses in players that represent 5% of the total cost of the staff and allows to use the half of what free with his sale/recesses salarial. For example, if the Barça sold to Sergio Busquets (one of the best paid and without amortización pending) in 20 millions, can use ten for the registration of a footballer. In the case of Haaland, it would be necessary to generate, as little, 124 million euros.

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