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The pros and the contras of the possible operation return of Neymar to the Barça

Published:30/05/2019 - 16:58h

Updated:30/05/2019 - 16:58h

It has sounded in several occasions since it left , but the operation return of Neymar to the FC Barcelona goes back to be on the table. The one of the Brazilian is a business complicadísimo and subject to a lot of conditions, that would have a long list of pros and contras

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The FC Barcelona prepares for a reform in his staff in the summer 2019, and in his way has gone back to cross the signing of Neymar. His return is an operation dificilísima and subject to several conditions, but is beginning to heat and are not few those that warn that in spite of the obstacles is a real possibility. In the City Condal queen the calm, but at least, will touch to seat and value.

The project ilusionante and effective that led the trident culé broke in 2017 by fault of the Brazilian, that played his letters to backs of the club and of the changing room to certify an inexplicable escape to the PSG. All warned him that it was not the suitable step for his career, but left tempt by a new challenge and now has understood the reason of so many warnings.

The game of the return of the crack hardly has begun to play, but is clear that goes tied to a long list of pros and contras. It could suppose, almost with total security, another historical earthquake in the world-wide panorama, by what before launching to contest it, all the parts have very clear what can win and what are had to risk.

Pros And contras of the signing of Neymar by the Barça


The 'betrayal' of Neymar hurt a lot to the Barça, but even with this, the tip keeps big friendships in the club. Leo Messi, Luis Suárez, Gerard Hammered or Ivan Rakitic never have hid that respected a decision that did not share, but that in spite of the distance, are still in contact and keep the affection by a mate that left them footprint, one that also would share even some members of the directive.

The fact to having played and triumphed like Barcelona does that it do not need of adaptation, because the left extreme carries his name and the only that it would be necessary to adjust is the paper of Jordi Alba, the elder benefited of his course. The Brazilian is a footballer with taste like that of touch, has goal and an impressive technician, by what does not seem complicated to connect him with the side and with a lot of mates to which knows well.

Although it does not recognise it of alive voice because it can not, are not few those that ensure that it is conscious of his error, what, explaining that of his performance would depend all the operation, would weigh the sufficient as for 'wet' and begin to work in his return. They are many the obstacles that are to his around and in which has direct incidence, by what the aim would begin by his collaboration.

Of the failures also learns , and in spite of having only 27 years, Ney has a lot of experience, so much for well as for bad. Now it could understand that all the noise of his surroundings is not the best help for his career, and besides, another very important question, be able to fit his happiness in a project in which it does not go to be leader because it does not need it, since Leo Messi would yield him a space that Kylian Mbappé is removing him in Paris.

It is very clear that they are different, but in his moment, Neymar seemed able to assume the title of heir of Messi, something that now has more near. It does not treat that it substitute him, neither much less, but that they share first responsibility until the '10' pose hang the boots. Then, and in the meantime, the Brazilian is an able star to throw a team to his backs, something that already did with the Barça, that has done with the PSG and that goes on doing with Brazil.


The elder against of all this history is the PSG, the 'bad of the film' from the beginning. The French group does not have intention neither need to give off of his big star, to which perhaps could soltar to increase the leadership of Mbappé. In any case, the relations are broken after a long list of desencuentros (Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Marco Verratti, the own Neymar, Ángel Gave María, Adrien Rabiot or Frenkie of Jong), what does difficult to pose the possibility to put to negotiate.

In case that this occurred, the price of the attacker would be historical, because for the time being already is the most expensive signing of the history of the football. It cost 222 million euros of a clause of rescission, something that is not allowed by Tie it 1 and would leave the agreement yes or yes tied to a conversation between the three parts involved. The Barça would have to undo of Philippe Coutinho and/or Ousmane Dembélé to be able to think siquiere in Neymar.

When the youngster mudó to Paris did it with a considerable increase of wage, that could not keep in the City Condal. It is one of the better players paid of the planet, and the mass salarial of the Catalans already is to the limit, what has forced to sell to some stars to balance balances and not creating a problem on a long-term basis. It would be necessary to look for a solution that contented to all, but the distances in these moments are big.

Although it is true that big part of the barcelonismo would concede him the pardon, the tip starred a jugarreta unpleasant and grave, that left to the team 'touched' anímica and deportivamente during months. Ernesto Valverde attained reflotar partly a project that could have derrumbado, but the confidence of directive, mates and fans has a wound that would have to encourage in closing.

In this sense, a good proof would be the pending trial by the premium of renewal, that his surroundings insists in earning in spite of that it planned it everything for fugarse and on carry a money that does not correspond him, because it signed knowing that the 'clausulazo' was for arriving. If it withdraws his demand, could have apology, but if it does not do it, the reunion is entirely impossible.

The sportive factor also is key, and would be subjected to a risk descomunal. If moving sky and earth for his return, the played does not work on the lawn, no longer there will be possible solution, after having done -Coutinho and Dembélé- and undone -his possible goodbye- and sacrificed several interesting pieces by the way. A possible alternative would be to sell to the carioca and remain with the Frenchman, whose potential could generate a second opportunity that would be compatible with Neymar.

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