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The reasons of the Barça for fichar to Guardiola before that to Mou

Published:31/05/2016 - 08:55h

Updated:31/05/2016 - 08:58h

The one who went general director of the FC Barcelona in time of Joan Laporta and that now is it of the Manchester City, Ferrán Soriano, explained in an interview the reasons by which the Barcelona club decanted by Pep Guardiola in place of Mourinho

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Of all is known that the FC Barcelona had, in the summer of 2008, the possibility of fichar to José Mourinho, trainer of prestige and that had showed that it had it everything to triumph, or bet by a talentoso trainer that knew sobradamente the club but that did not have experience as it was Pep Guardiola. Finally, and for it enjoy barcelonista seen the end, Laporta and his comitiva decided to bet by the one of Sanpedor.

Now it is the one who went general director of that Barça the one who explains how gave all and the exact point in which descartaron to the Portuguese technician. Ferrán Soriano Stands out in "" that the appearance of the "fair play" was the cause detonante to choose to Guardiola and no to "Mou".

"The trainer is one of the permanent and weekly representatives of the club. It has to act with caution at all times. Respect to rivals, referees and other institutions in general - 'fair play'. It does not have to abuse of the media or generate false controversial, but centre in the notable appearances of the game and in how goes him to the team", explained Soriano doing allusion to the continuous controversies of Mourinho in all these appearances.

However, for Soriano the luso is a big technician and like this posed from the club the two options. "The two had big virtues and seemed to be in opposite extremes of an imaginary scale. In an extreme had a trainer experienced and successful, with a strong personality and a controversial reputation. In the another extreme had to a person very talentosa that knew to the club totally, but that did not have significant experience like trainer", affirmed.

Guardiola Bets by small groups and "Mou", by big

"Guardiola Always prefers to work with groups smaller with stable hierarchies and without a lot of internal competition. Guardiola Chooses to work with 14 or 15 players that have his total confidence. The result of this is a style of game very stable and a changing room that houses few conflicts", continued affirming the Catalan.

"The strategy of Mourinho is distinct. Already it was in Chelsea, in the Inter of Milan or in the Real Madrid, Mourinho works with groups bigger, with a lot of players known and talentosos competing by [a place in] the eleven. Mourinho assumes the complex task to manage the egos of his players in return to have so much talent to his disposal", had to well say the director "citizen" to add that Mourinho will have to be studied.

"The case of José Mourinho will be very interesting for the analysts of the future. Already it is one of the best trainers of the history and has applied his methods to train to the Port wine, to Chelsea, to the Inter of Milan and to the Real Madrid, although his stay in the three first clubs was not very long", said.

To conclude standing out on the one of Setúbal that "seems that what does not change is his method, that applies go where go - configure his team in accordance with his criteria, wins and afterwards goes ".

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