Íñigo Martínez, trying brake an incursion of Luis Suárez


The reflection of Íñigo Martínez after no fichar by the Barça

Published:6/09/2017 - 23:23h

Updated:6/09/2017 - 23:31h

The central of the Real Sociedad that the FC Barcelona posed fichar in a determinate moment of the past market of signings, Íñigo Martínez, has explained in an interview his feelings after not having recalado in the team culé this summer

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The experienced defender of the Real Sociedad that the FC Barcelona posed fichar this summer, Íñigo Martínez, has conceded an interview to 'News of Guipúzcoa' in which it has valued which are his feelings after not having fichado in the last months by the Barça and have remained in the Real Sociedad to the orders of Eusebio Sacristán.

With a clause of rescission of 32 million euros, the Barça posed the contracting of Íñigo Martínez but finally desisted, centring in other aims of need imperiosa. "Discontent? What goes. All the contrary would say besides", has analysed Íñigo.

"I did not look for explanations in his day neither go them to look for now"

"If it is that it was unwillingly in the Real because I do not seat me comfortable or do not value me, would say you that yes it is a discontent. But for nothing. I go back to say that it was relaxed and did not go discontent neither at all, because neither spoke with them", has added.

It has not wanted to look for any explanation after the FC Barcelona threw backwards in the contracting. "I did not look for it in his day neither go it to look for now. The only that had in mind was that it was to taste where was, that was centred and all the other is not that it went in me in a hearing and went out me by the another, if no that thought that what had to do was this, follow to the mine, give all what had to the Real and at all more", signals.

Íñigo Martínez, engaged with the Real Sociedad

In this coyuntura, ensures that always it showed calm of face to the managerial 'txuri urdin'. "I transmitted them tranquility and that I was relaxed, was centred in the mine, that my head was in the Real. The only that looked was the present, that was here and at all more".

It denies also have kept some conversation with the trainer of the FC Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde. "There has been a lot of rumour that I had given the himself. Each one puts what believes, but I neither have spoken with them, neither have said to the Real want to go me, neither at all. Always I have gone of the hand, saying to the Real that went with them and did not want at all more than continuing centred in the mine", concludes. Íñigo, always cutting.

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