Nolito In an acció of the Hull City-Manchester City of the Premier League


The Seville arrives to an agreement with the City by an ex of the Barça

Published:15/07/2017 - 19:55h

Updated:15/07/2017 - 19:44h

The English have tightened and at the end in Nervión will have to pay an inferior figure to the 9 millions, the half of what cost does a year the forward. It expects that this same night already sleep in Seville. Nolito Would go back to the Spanish league

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Nolito Will play the next season in Seville. After an irregular year in the Manchester City, of more to less, the Andalusian extreme will play in the team of Berizzo, that wished a substitute of guarantees after the course of Vitolo to the Athletic -although yielded to The Palms until the month of January-.

The official announcement will have to expect to that the Council approve the cost that goes to make by Nolito, the one who between traspaso and wage, will surpass widely the 20 million euros in three years. The group sevillano will pay 9 millions to the English team, to what will have to add him the wage of the player. 

The ex of the Barcelona will sign by three seasons with the Seville, a team that will go back to contest the Champions League. That has been an argument of weight so that Nolito chose Nervión and no other offers of European clubs that will play the Europe League -especially in Italy-. 

Nolito Already had ensured does some weeks that wanted to go back to Spain: "I Want to go me of the Manchester City, gives me the same if as yielded or traspasado. It would like me go back to the Spanish League". Some statements that now, at the expense of that do official, will see definitively the light. 

It left to explain for Guardiola

It began like headline and little by little, with an injury of by half, was losing leadership in the English group. "Until December was playing and happy, along these four months have not played practically at all, now in summer to see which raisin. I do not know why, it will be necessary to ask it to Pep Guardiola", affirmed. 

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