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The UEFA marks the wintry market with his last rule on the signings and the Champions

Published:4/09/2018 - 23:59h

Updated:5/09/2018 - 02:23h

It does few days that closed the market veraniego, but the UEFA already observes with interest the wintry window. After the last modifications in the rule of the Champions, could have revolution with the signings, that now yes will be able to inscribe with two distinct teams

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After another animated market of signings veraniego, the clubs do balance of his movements, but the UEFA already looks with interest to the window of traspasos wintry. After several years of doubts, disconformidades and claims, the maximum organism of the European football has taken an important decision, one that could alter notably the future of the Champions.

In the campaign 2018-19 goes in in force a new rule with regard to the traspasos that breaks with the limitations that up to now existed in the registrations of footballers in the competition, or what is the same, that for the first time, a player that has begun the tournament with a team could play with another if in January changes of club.

This possibility did not go in inside the regulation until this course, since contest an alone minute meant to close totally the door like minimum to the end of the season. Like the national leagues are more flexible in this point, the UEFA has proposed east adjust for the championship, that also will affect to the Europe League.

This modification changes the panorama completely since the wintry market opens just after the dispute of the phase of groups, what will give step to changes before the eliminatory of eighth. With more freedom, the participants will have more margin to reinforce , although they will have to watch at the same time not to lose to any of his best active.

The case Coutinho will not repeat in the Champions

Although in this case it arrives a year late, the FC Barcelona has celebrated a novelty that had allowed him use to Philippe Coutinho in Champions, and that has had to the carioca during six months separated of the European competitions. Like the crack already started the championship with the Liverpool, had to happen an important toll before being able to go back to première like Barcelona.

Regarding the immediate future of the Catalan group, this could suppose an important argument of face to the contracting of Paul Pogba, since the French would not have the obstacles that in his day yes found the Brazilian. This yes, before will be necessary to agree his arrival with the Manchester United, and this will not result simple.

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