Swindle Werner, Piatek and Nicolas Pépé, in parties of the present season


Three youngsters 'covered' to reinforce the forward of the Barça

Published:1/06/2019 - 18:24h

Updated:1/06/2019 - 18:24h

Griezmann, Neymar and Lacazette are the names that more are sounding to reinforce the forward of the FC Barcelona, but the Barcelona club handles a wide list of alternatives, and in her also are aimed the names of three young promises

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The FC Barcelona handles a wide list of alternatives in the market of signings, with the aim to improve the provision of the staff of face to the next season 2019-20 although it can him escape any of his main aims. Neymar Jr, Griezmann and Lacazette are some of the names that more have sounded in the last weeks for apuntalar the leading culé.

Signings that would represent all a revolution -at least in the two first cases-, and that would cause the exit of Coutinho and, who knows, perhaps also of Ousmane Dembélé. The case is that, to lower scale, the Barça handles also to three 'covered' in the diary that could surrender to big level in the Barça, and whose arrival would be much more discreet to level mediático. To continuation analyse to each one of them.


Swindle Werner (RB Leipzig)

To his 23 years, Swindle Werner already has ploughed a name between the best forwards of the European football. The Bayern Munich is the team that more has sounded for ficharle during the market estival, but for the moment follows belonging to the staff of the RB Leipzig and no descartaría bet by another League like the Spaniard, where could be on a long-term basis the relief of Luis Suárez in the Barça.

Werner finishes agreement in 2020 and if the Leipzig wants to obtain some profit, will have to traspasarlo this year. This season 2018-19 has been able to annotate 19 goals and deliver 10 assistances in 37 parties, good figures for a footballer of his age, and that still has a big capacity of progression by in front. It surrenders wonderfully in the centre of the attack, but to the Barça likes him, besides, that can fall to the bands.

Krzysztof Piatek (AC Milan)

It landed in the AC Milan during the market of winter of this last campaign 2018-19, after giving to know in the Genoa like the goleador disclosure of the Series To. To his 23 years, the attacker youngster Pole has transformed 30 goals and delivered 2 assistances in 42 parties, some considerable figures and to which it is necessary to add the big quantity of game that generates.

Piatek Is not a leading reference, but rather a second tip or a mediapunta, able to deploy his virtues goleadoras at the side of another ariete that fix to the central and allow him have of spaces. In Poland achieves it with Lewandowski at the side, and in the FC Barcelona could exert said function beside Luis Suárez. The Barça, in any case, will prioritise to a direct relief of the Uruguayan.

Nicolas Pépé (Lille)

To his 24 years, Nicolas Pépé has destapado this season with the Lille in Tie it 1. The attacker youngster of African origin has transformed 23 goals and delivered 12 assistances in 41 parties. It is not a 'nine', but a dynamic forward to the that loves him fall to band for, from here, leave to the centre and combine with his mates.

Pépé Has surrendered to very well level in France and is a leading youngster with capacity of improvement, but is an incógnita if it would attain to explode in a team of big requirement as it would be the FC Barcelona. The Lille would ask more than 60 million euros by his traspaso, when taking advantage of that has valid agreement until June of 2022 and, therefore, does not have need of traspasarle.


  • Swindle Werner - RB Leipzig / Agreement until June of 2020 / 06-03-1996 / 19 goals and 10 assistances in 37 Leading / parties centre (bands)
  • Krzysztof Piatek - AC Milan / Agreement until June of 2023 / 01-07-1995 / 30 goals and 2 assistances in 42 Leading / parties centre (mediapunta)
  • Nicolas Pépé - LOSC Lille / Agreement until June of 2022 / 29-05-1995 / 23 goals and 12 assistances in 41 Extreme / parties left-handed right
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