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To the Barça B complicates him an aim for this summer

Published:27/07/2017 - 21:24h

Updated:28/07/2017 - 01:29h

It seems to be that to the Barça is not to the only to the that complicate him the signings, and is that again the Barcelona subsidiary sees as it escapes him a player by the intervention of his club. Although the Huesca promised to leave go out to Álvaro Vadillo, now asks his clause

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Although it also has to give priority to the operation gone out by the excess of players in the staff, the Barça B is still thinking in reinforcements, although his aim for the extreme seems that it will have to expect. Álvaro Vadillo believed to have arrived to an agreement with the Huesca to be able to go out this summer, but the Aragonese group denies to leave him leave and remits to his clause.

After several months insisting, the filial barcelonista could remain without a footballer by which carries months bidding. The ex bético asked to the oscenses that left him go out in the past wintry market, and these accepted to free him in summer with the condition that it renewed his agreement by a year. The gaditano accepted but now his club denies him the traspaso, asking one million euros that the Catalans do not want to pay.

The own agent of the forward, Enrique Rosado, has expressed his unrest: "we Are very grateful to the Huesca, by his bet, his confidence and his deal. We accept the offer of renewal because it seemed us just, but now the club is not fulfilling with what agree. The Barcelona has posed him to the club infinity of options, but the Huesca follows without wanting to negotiate. We do not understand the reason of this situation, since Álvaro will remain free from the next year and in January already will be able to negotiate with the one who want".

In front of the problems that has aroused his signing, Vadillo has accepted to fulfil the year that remains him if the two parts do not arrive to an agreement, although the Barça could decant by other options if it does not attain to concretise his arrival this same summer.

Problems with the clauses

The clauses of rescission are turning into this market of signings in a problem for the Barça, so much in his own staff as in the rest of teams. Precisely, the earthquake of the summer has arrived by the possible exit of Neymar, to the that the PSG would free previous payment of 222 million euros, a figure prohibitiva but to which the French would be had to arrive.

Besides, in the last days has especulado with that Chelsea would be posing pay the one of Sergi Roberto, that is fixed in a much more affordable quantity, 40 million euros. In spite of everything, this option seems more unlikely, and is that it would be the own player the one who would have very clear his continuity in the club.

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