The club would have to pay a compensation to the Argentinian of more than 19 million euros

You know how much would cost to the Barcelona traspasar to Messi?

You know how much would cost to the Barcelona traspasar to Messi?

Published:26/01/2016 - 16:52h


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The Catalan press ensures that, if the FC Barcelona decided traspasar to Leo Messi this campaign, would have to pay a compensatory clause to the Argentinian player, that would have signed in his agreement of face to the next summer an increase of his index card of 22,8 to 39,4 millions

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As it has informed the "Diari PLOUGHS", when seeming to the FC Barcelona no only would prejudice him deportivamente traspasar to Leo Messi, but also in economic sense. The Argentinian star has signed with the Catalan entity a valid agreement until 30 June 2018 with a wage of 22,8 million net euros by season and a clause of rescission of 250 million euros.

The quoted newspaper ensures, however, that is foreseen that from this next summer of 2016 the wage of "The Flea" become of 39,4 million euros, and that if the Barça decided traspasarle before it produce the increase of wage, would have to pay to the Argentinian a compensation of 19,941 million euros, in a penalty that without place to doubts ties even more to Messi to the FC Barcelona during the present and future of the team. The quoted source, besides, signals that, if instead of deciding traspasar to Messi this summer of 2016 the Barça wanted to do it in 2017, the price of the compensation would be of 9,97 million euros.

In brief, that seems quite unthinkable, to be true the information published by "PLOUGH", that to Josep Maria Bartomeu neither to any member of his managerial board go through them the head traspasar to Leo Messi of here to the term of the present season, taking into account the compensatory clause that it would have to pay the club.

It surprises the increase of wage so sudden of Messi of a year to another, since it will happen to earn the next season 2016-17 -if the half has contrasted properly the information- practically the double of what perceived up to now in concept of net wage. The Argentinian star can not complain in the FC Barcelona, where at present lives a situation of peace when having almost resolved his problems with Inland revenue, be perfectly to taste in the team with the rest of his mates and have the will to follow winning titles campaign after campaign with the Barcelona T-shirt.

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