Referees of the Supercopa of Spain


Defined the referees for the Supercopa in front of the Madrid

Published:26/07/2017 - 20:24h

Updated:26/07/2017 - 22:32h

The Basque referee Ricardo of Boroughs Bengoetxea will arbitrate the party of gone, that will contest in the Camp Nou the next 13 August. The murciano José María Sánchez Martínez will commission to direct the meeting of turn

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The Basque referee Ricardo Of Boroughs Bengoetxea has been designated for pitar the Barcelona-Real Madrid, gone of the Supercopa of Spain, that will contest the next 13 August, whereas the murciano José María Sánchez Martínez will do it in the turn, Real Madrid-Barcelona, hardly three days afterwards.

After all the stir with the date of the party, the RFEF has designated to these two referees that the Barça already knows of years backwards. And lyou precedents are not of the all positive. Bengoetxea Committed, during the past course, several errors that deprived -between one thousand factors- to the Barcelona group to win the championship.

In the Bernabéu did not signal offside in the 2-1 that marked Benzema and gave him the three points to the Madrid in front of the Celtic; in the Camp Nou himself the pitó, instead, in front of the Málaga, what had meant the 1-0. 

The Barça, 'king' of the Supercopa

Since it established in 1982, the Barça has participated in 21 occasions, winning 12 times the Supercopa. The Madrid is the second the ranking, with only 9 titles. Of the last eight years, the Barça has played until in six occasions, winning four.

As they already know, in '' they can buy the entrances for both parties. They will be the two first Classical of a season that foresees again exciting. The Barça wants to go back to command and for the moment, waiting for more signings, there are hopes in Valverde. 

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