Leo Messi sustains the trophy of the Supercopa of Spain 2016-17


New wrap with the dates of the Barça-Madrid of Supercopa

Published:10/07/2017 - 22:59h

Updated:11/07/2017 - 09:36h

The Supercopa of Spain 2017-18 threat with turning into a serial until the Spanish Federation approve the dates of definite way. Still it does not know when it will contest the first official duel of the course between Barça and Madrid

Tickets for FC Barcelona matches

New wrap in sight with the dates of the Supercopa 2017-18. The first clash of the season between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid follows without confirming officially and the doubts are causing a trail of distinct versions according to the half consulted.

LaLiga Was the first in generating the embarrassment, since after an initial proposal in which they contemplated the days 11 and 14 July, decided to change his calendar and plant the gone for the 13 and the turn for the 16. The modification owed supposedly to the pressures of the Madrilenian, that would have complained by the vicinity of the meeting of gone with the one of the Supercopa of Europe, that will confront them the day 8 to the Manchester United.

Now, and after the change of dates, has been Real Madrid TV the one who has affirmed that the definite dates will be the original, that is to say the 11 and the 14. Until the Real Spanish Federation of Football no reuna in his board of the day 20 July there will be official confirmation for the Supercopa of Spain, so in the meantime, the wrap is served.

Segundo Classical of the summer, first official

The calendar of Classical of the season 2017-18 goes to come loaded, and is that before the two parties of the Supercopa of Spain, Barça and Madrid already will have seen the faces in the pre-season. Both will coincide in turns it by United States, in which they will contest an International Champions Cup in which the Barcelona also batiran against the Juventus and the Manchester United.

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