About us?

www.fcbarcelonanoticias.com (FCBN) is an online newspaper property of Publicaciones punto y coma S.L that offers updated information in real time permanently 24 hours a day, every day. The FCBN digital contents can be consulted free of charge through the Internet from any computer, as well as as through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, either by accessing the web page directly or to the applications available on iOS and Android.

FCBN, as a digital journal, serious and of professional rigor, is formed by a team made up of journalists, designers, technicians and salespeople, among other collaborators of other areas, who are in charge of the daily elaboration of the news portal, communicatively and visually, so that its readers can stay abreast of the current news of FC Barcelona and also other related sports news.

At www.fcbarcelonanoticias.com users can consult informative content in any format: text, images, videos, graphics or interactive, and can also share and comment on the publications from the accounts controlled by FCBN in the main social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Among other contents, FCBN offers latest news, calendars, results, interviews, reports, minute-by-minute narrations of live matches, opinion columns and an excellent ticket purchase service available to the public. all users, whether to watch FC Barcelona matches or other teams.

Additionally, www.fcbarcelonanoticias.com offers a wide range of practical services for its readers, such as match schedules and a guide to television channels where each of them can be seen throughout. of the whole season, in an information that is constantly updated with the passage of the days.

FCBN is a digital newspaper whose objective, in short, is to satisfy the informative interests of FC Barcelona fans, offering immediate coverage of current events. and in search of continuous growth and evolution. If FC Barcelona is more than a club, FCBN also goes further than be merely a simple newspaper.