The past week Kyle Walker lit all the alarms in a Manchester City that it has to contest in very few days the quarter-finals of the Champions League in front of the Real Madrid. The side withdrew before the 20 minutes of the crash in front of Brazil, some hours afterwards that Erling Haaland also had abandoned a training with Norway, although the forward certainly played this Tuesday in a friendly, duel in which besides it failed a penalti.

These injuries or annoyances have completed a long list of worries or problems for the English team of face to the crossing of quarter-finals that will sustain in front of the Madrid from the second week of April. And it is that to these two headlines add until four fixed more than in the stop of selections that finish to finish also have evidenciado physical problems.

They follow adding the names for Guardiola

This Tuesday the one who fell was John Stones. The defence suffered a probelma of knee and had to go out substituted to grieve them eight minutes of the friendly in front of Belgium, although in his case the played certainly yes that left a feeling to treat of something grave, unlike Walker, the one who clearly went to the changing rooms by caution. Another defender that can remain 'KO' is Akanji, reported like drop by Switzerland before his second party of the stop.

Besides, so much Bernardo Silva like Rúben Dias present problems of overload and could have to rest by several days before being able to test to the highest level to know if finally they will be available to visit Santiago Bernabéu. It is worthwhile to highlight that the theories conspirativas in the social networks in relation to the injuries that presented the players 'celestial' did not take in appearing.

In the Madrid do not think that there is some real problem

The fans of the Madrid suspect that everything is work of Pep Guardiola to take care to his players in front of a stop of selections that really arrives in a moment critic of the season for the clubs. Shelving the problem of Stones, that in principle seems graver, yes that the others could have remained without playing by caution or recommendation of the míster Catalan.