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Economy, image... The secondary effects of Barça if they 'expel' him from Europe

Published:23/03/2023 - 17:14h

Updated:23/03/2023 - 17:14h

UEFA has confirmed that it has opened an investigation against FC Barcelona for the 'Negreira case'. Whatever the sanction, the consequences would be important for the Barcelona entity

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It has opened a new chapter of the 'case Negreira' and the FC Barcelona. This Thursday, the UEFA has confirmed the opening of an investigation to know the background of the relation between the exvicepresidente of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) and the payment of more than seven million euros in little less than two decades. It will be to charge of inspectors of the Committee of Ethical and Discipline and could bring big consequences for the Barcelona entity.

It is worth it to remember that, although in Spain to eyes of LaLiga has prescribed the case, in Europe the UEFA himself can take part and the consequences could be so much to sportive level like economic, with fines, although they do not need precisely a sentence to take part: With the simple fact to corroborate that the facts aim against of the interests of the organism, could sanction to the Barça, as they establish in his Statutes.

In the same, in the article 50.3, determines that "if the UEFA concludes that a club has been direct or indirectly involved in any activity headed to fix or influence in the result of a party to national or international level, will declare that said club will not be able to participate in the competition. When taking his decision, the UEFA can trust, but is not forced to do it, in the decision of a national sportive organism or international, a court of referee's or a state court".

Uncertainty in the Barça by the intervention of UEFA

The true is that it will be a process that will take long, but that leaves to the Barça in the eye of the hurricane because the uncertainty of face to the next season is absolute: they Can happen to remain out of any European competition or receive, simply, an economic sanction. Everything is on the table and the club has the option to resort to the TAS, as it did it in his moment the Manchester City, but is not something that will know overnight.

In any case, the hit will be very hard in case that the Barça finally resulted expelled of European competitions, precisely the Champions League. It is not a secret for anybody that the club includes year after year the participation in the continental tournament and in the forecast goes in, at least, arrive to quarter-finals. In this exercise the losses were very big by the 'KO' European and would be unsustainable a worse situation.

It is necessary to take in account that the Barça, for participating in the phase of groups, ingresó in his arks 70 million euros, to which went adding montos depending on the results of the team, with the ties and victory that achieved. Besides, by Europe League won other 0,5 'kilos'. If they are not in Europe... Of where it will go out this money and how could the club 'subsistir without this?

The solution would be to look for more sponsors, but would be a task 'impossible' taking in account the conditions in which it would remain the club to level of image. Adding, also, that would remain at stake the finance of the Espai Barça that is practically enclosed. They would be impossible losses to replace.

The reputation of the Barça, at stake

Although it is a case that can lengthen a lot of years, it is necessary to take in account that the damages would be irreparables or, at least, from the Barça would take enough in recovering to economic level. Besides that, the image of the club would remain totally shattered for being related with a so grave case and remain 'prejudiced' by the UEFA. It would be a very big fall for the reputation of the Barcelona, that in spite of the last disappointments europas always have had a 'status' positive to international level.

It would link , surely, with the options of the Barça to keep to the current players of the staff, because many would want to follow competing in Europe to the maximum level... And especially to bring to new footballers. There would be a lot of what offer, further to compete in LaLiga, neither with how fund it.

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