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Laporta, protagonist: This is how the 'Xavi case' broke out at Barça

Published:18/05/2024 - 00:27h

Updated:24/05/2024 - 19:35h

FC Barcelona has experienced some very tense days that could end with the dismissal of Xavi Hernández. At FCBN we review, step by step, everything that has been experienced at Can Barça with Joan Laporta as the main protagonist

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The word 'chaos', maybe, remains very short to define what have been the last 48 hours, or little more, in the FC Barcelona. The club is living an authentic fire that can cause, between other things, the dismissal of Xavi Hernández like trainer of the first so alone team three weeks after it was ratified by Joan Laporta. He, in press conference, confirmed that there was absolute confidence in him and that, thus, in principle went to be followed to the control a year more, until 30 June.

The history has changed radically, but on the contrary of what thought , has not been overnight. To understand it, it is necessary to go step by step. The point of start is on 24 July, when, after a meeting in the domicile of the president, determined that Xavi seguiria to the control of the team. A day afterwards, both appeared in front of the media. In concrete, Laporta signalled that "this project understand it with Xavi of trainer. This always has been a coherent act. Like this I said it to him: we will not look for trainer until final of season waiting for seeing how finished. And no it said it to him, but also waiting for how felt he. Xavi has purchased a lot of experience this year. Everything changes, everything evolves. And of this year, we have to take out positive conclusions, that there are many".

"This project understand it with Xavi of trainer. This always has been a coherent act"

Then, what has happened so that, in three weeks, the maximum Barcelona mandator was valuing seriously the possibility of destituir to Xavi? It has been the big question of million and are many the factors that would have influenced. The most striking has been his speech in the previous of the Almería-Barça, in which it signalled that they were not in conditions to compete to economic level with other clubs. A new way to pronounce the so famous "this is what there is" of Ronald Koeman in September of 2021.

The statements that desataron the crisis in the Barça

The statements of Xavi were a 'bathroom' of reality that did not seat well in the directive. In concrete, said that "The fan culé has to understand that the economic situation does not have at all that see with which there were 25 years backwards. The situation is difficult and complicated. Before the trainer said: I want to fichar to east, east and east... Now it is not like this. We are not in the situation of other clubs with better economic situation. They are not the same conditions of others, that have another fair play or situation. Like the Real Madrid and other European teams. The barcelonista has to understand it. This does not mean that we do not compete or want to struggle by the titles. We need time. There are good things to compete".

Further to have reason or no, what boasts that it has not liked to Laporta is that it was a contrary speech to the that had offered, privately, during these last weeks. In the remembered dinner that had kept three weeks ago, the posture was entirely distinct. It was the drop that satisfied the glass for the directive. A sector, in fact, asked to the president the immediate cessation of Xavi, although they are not in conditions to take the so fast decision as they wanted to, for well or for bad.

The true is that, according to an information of SPORT, the embarrassment of Laporta with the one of Terrassa does not come of this week, precisely. Since it was ratified, would have sucedido diverse situations that would not have liked to the president; some directly related with the exert sportive of the team and others that have had to see with his speech. It has trascended, for example, that has not liked him the management that has had with Vitor Roque after the investment that did the club to bring him from the Paranaense.

The annoyance of Laporta with Xavi carried several days

Likewise, 'Jan' had posed , before, the possibility to cease to Xavi of his charge to final of season, without mattering if the Barça classified or no to the next Supercopa of Spain. However, they wanted to manage it of a distinct way to how has produced now: The intention was to keep the party in 'peace' during the last commitments of this course and that the tension was not so notorious for, in the holidays, gather with the trainer and define again his future. In paper, was the most hit plan.

The history gave a twist of 180 degrees and sources consulted by SPORT attribute it to the "emocionalidad" of Joan Laporta that was not able to dissemble his bad state of spirit with all what was sucediendo around the egarense. The 'wrap' finished to explode with the statements in press conference and, since, the leaks and rain of informations have not ceased in any moment. From inside the club there is some "surprise" by how have produced the facts in the last hours and, obviously, the worry is maximum by the image that is leaving the club.

The 'protagonists' of this 'wrap' are expecting that they calm the waters to seat to speak and define what will happen. The only that knows is that the president declined the request of his trainer to keep a meeting during the day of the Friday (and avoid that it extended the 'serial') and that, in question of hours, will have to appear in front of the media, in the previous of the visit of the Ray, without having any idea of which will be his future.

The economy of the club also will condition the future of Xavi

Another factor that has trascended and that in the dispatches are analysing deeply is that the dismissal of the technician would not be free, neither much less. Already it had happened with Ernesto Valverde, Quique Setién and Ronald Koeman, to which it was necessary to pay them an important quantity of money for sacking them when had agreement in force. In the case of Xavi, the figure will rise to the 20 million euros for him and his staff. It is a very notable point, because it is not a secret for anybody that the Barça does not enjoy, precisely, of the best economic situation in the actuality.

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