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The limits on the diligence of the Management Commission in charge of Barça

Published:28/10/2020 - 10:48h

Updated:28/10/2020 - 11:32h

After the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu like president of the FC Barcelona, the entity falls to hands of a Managing Commission to the charge. Which limitations have in the management?

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The entity blaugrana governs by the marked norms in the Statutes of the FC Barcelona. After the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, is important to review them, reason here is where appear the limitations and capacities of the management of the Managing Commission that will do charge of the club, in the greater possible shortness, after the cessation of the president and his directors.

To begin, the article 35.4, informs us of the following: "the Managing Commission has to be composed by a number of members no inferior to 50% of the total of members of the Managerial Board in the moment of the cessation, with a minimum of seven members". Taking into account that the Managerial Board of Bartomeu had 14 members, the Managing Commission will have to have seven, as minimum.

The same article adds that "it will be born president of the Managing Commission the one who was it of the Economic Commission, which, together with the syndic of the partners, will designate freely the rest of members from among the members of the Board ceased, the members of the Economic Commission and the ones of the Commission of Discipline. Also they will appoint the charges that have to occupy the designated and the total number the members, between the minimum and the maximum indicated".

Therefore, Carles Tusquets, the current president of the Economic Commission, will be the attendant to chair the Managing Commission, to charge of the entity barcelonista. Therefore, Joan Manuel Trayter, current syndic of the partners, will advise him in the task to choose the members of the new Managing Commission and designate the corresponding charges.

Which are the functions of the Managing Commission?

The main function of the Managing Commission is the one to summon some elections to choose a new Managerial Board, with a new president. This task will have to fulfil it in a term of three months, beginning the same in the moment that the members have taken possession of his respective charges. By this reason, expects that in January the partners can go to the urns.

Obviously, during these three months, the club needs a management, therefore, the Managing Commission has to exert "the functions of government, administration and representation that compete to the Managerial Board, but limited to the necessary and indispensable acts for the maintenance of the normal activities of the club and the protection of his interests", as they indicate the Statutes.

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