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Xavi Vilajoana: "In some candidates, seriousness is conspicuous by its absence"

Published:13/12/2020 - 10:07h

Updated:13/12/2020 - 10:07h

Xavier Vilajoana, member of the managerial board of Josep Maria Bartomeu, inaugurated his electoral headquarters for the elections of the FC Barcelona like precandidato

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Xavier Vilajoana, that formed part of the managerial board of Josep Maria Bartomeu, inaugurated this Saturday his electoral headquarters for the elections of the FC Barcelona of the next 24 January. It is employer and industrial engineer, ex director of the formative football and of the feminine Barcelona and worked with until three ex presidents: Joan Laporta, Sandro Rosell and the own Josep Maria Bartomeu.


In spite of belonging to the previous board, Xavier Vilajoana always has wanted desmarcar to be a candidature continuista. On the other hand, also it denied that it go to pactar in his precandidatura. "Only I have tuning when I listen music. Have my way traced. I carry 20 years in the club and do not contemplate any intention to join me with another candidature. No it goes through me the head", commented.

Of course, the continuity of Leo Messi and his new role if it remains were others of the subjects that touched. "It has to him ask if it wants to play in the best club of the world. The players, deportivamente, arrive to a stage of his career in which his role changes. No only he. When it arrives to a mature stage, has to be decisive in the parties in which it has to be decisive. There are a lot of roles associated. It has to be integrador of the youngsters that fichan, of the youngsters of the basic football. It has to assume the leadership and be the captain of the club. To sportive level, the motivation is importantísima, key, and more still in a captain", said.

Xavier Vilajoana does not think that it was necessary to convince to Leo Messi​ so that it remain , but it has to want to it he same. "The motivation goes out to the light when you receive a slap. And we are seeing that when you receive a goal, do not trace back. And that is a symptom of the desmotivación. Neither it helps that there is not public, because it gives you energy. And therefore it is necessary to ask him if it wants to play in the best club of the world. More than convincing him, one has to to want. The wish comes of the own player, if you complement it with arguments that help to take a decision, as better. But the first that it has to speak is he, Leo Messi", commented.

"Messi has to go adopting another role"

Also it answered on the possible signing of Erling Haaland. "There are a lot of very good players, but when one index card has to have clear the reasons and if it adjusts to the model of the entity. The president does not decide, but those that do it yes that will have clear these questions. They will know how it has to play the Barça and how achieve successes. If the technical office does a proposal in accordance with the ideas, ficharán players. Anybody hits the one hundred by one hundred of the signings, but it is necessary to minimise the risks, and this attains fichando trainers, formadores and technical secretaries that have clear the model", ensured.

On the other hand, it spoke on a possible debate between the precandidatos. "There are few concrete proposals of the precandidatos. The partners have to know what offers him ,which options and ideas there is, and debate them. In some precandidatos the seriousness shines by his absence. The debates are healthy and are the best ways to expose the projects in first person. I take me very seriously be president of the Barcelona and the respect that deserve the partners. It will not ask at all in return so that the partner give me his confidence", signalled.

Xavier Vilajoana was asked also on Joan Laporta and Víctor Font, that seem favourite of face to the elections. "I am not I the one who has to say to the means in who have to fix you. All the partners have to listen all the options and from here my proposal of debate. I have clear the proposal of my candidature and know the knowledges that have of the club. The partner has to know all the options", explained.

The leadership of Koeman

Xavier Vilajoana also answered on the paper of Ronald Koeman. "Speak of trainers to half season... It likes me put the notes at the end. It is then when it evaluates and it takes decisions. The model of the game of the Barça depends on how organise the game around the balloon, but the system are zones of preferential performance. The system is not so important. The aim can attain the same with a 4-3-3 that with a 4-2-3-1. It is necessary to recover the collectivity above the individuality", commented.

Also it praised the confidence of Ronald Koeman in the youngsters. "The team will grow when lame confidence and know what do each one with the ball. The important is how develops the game around the balloon. Koeman Trusts the basic football, something that had been missing before, and the necessary is a confidence continued. The youngsters have to feel partícipes of the first staff in upper case. There are players that in three or four years will be settled in the first team", affirmed.

Finally, it reviewed the delicate financial situation of the entity. "In our program, the aim is to generate income. There is 500 million debt. The budget is tensionado by the pandemia. It has to have four types of income salariales and have to be linked to the sportive level. The Camp Nou is prioritario, like generator of income, and because the partner deserves a field that can enjoy and go each day. We will analyse the loan and will try optimise", sentenced.


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