Wirtz, Nico Williams y Kimmich, jugadores que interesan al FC Barcelona


Florian Wirtz, Nico Williams, Kimmich… The stars that Barça will be following in this Euro Cup

Published:14/06/2024 - 19:15h

Updated:15/06/2024 - 08:15h

The Euros will 'stop' the world for the next month and for FC Barcelona it is a golden opportunity to evaluate how several of its future players perform in a scenario of maximum pressure and competition. At FCBN, we review the names that Flick, Deco and company will follow in Germany.

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The Eurocopa already is here and, as each important tournament, is an opportunity of 'market' for the big clubs of the old continent, that will be very attentive to the desenvolvmiento of the participants to trace his leaf of route of face to the market of signings estival. For the FC Barcelona will be a key month, because they are varied the players that are in the diary of Hansi Flick and Deco like futuribles for the next season and will be able to see them in a stage of maximum pressure.

The Barcelona will live a month quite 'moved', that will complete with the dispute of the Glass America, from 20 June, and in which all the focuses will be in the members of the current staff, that are called to appear like important players in both competitions, and the futuribles of the changing room for the 2024/2025. To continuation, review the most important names of the list of the Barça:

Florian Wirtz, the new 'star' of Germany?

The midfield player of the Bayer Leverkusen part like one of the big 'attractive' of the Eurocopa of this summer. After an exultant season under the orders of Xabi Alonso, has the challenge to be important in a Germany in which, a priori, Toni Kroos splits like the big leader of the team. So much Wirtz like Jamal Musiala are called to take the 'bequeathed' in the selection and during this summer have an opportunity of gold. It annotated 18 goals and delivered 20 assistances in the 2023/2024. It will be indisputable headline with Julian Nagelsmann, except twist of guion unexpected.

The Barça sees him like one of the big dreams of face to the 2025, put already has confirmed that will be still in the BayArena in the next season. The problem is that there will be a lot of competition by him in the market, put so much the Real Madrid like the Manchester City already have showed interest in his incorporation and will suppose an investment that will not go down of the one hundred million euros. The culés have it very difficult, but is a footballer that is in the diary from does a few years.

Joshua Kimmich, the dream of the Barça with a role very 'different' in Germany

In the host selection, the culés also will be very pending of the performance of Joshua Kimmich to the that keep in the list like one of the candidates to reinforce the mediocentro in the season that comes. The point to take in consideration is that the safest is that it continue splitting like right side in the plans of Nagelsmann. The centre of the field is reserved for Toni Kroos, Gündogan and Andrich, by what will be very difficult to see him in the base of the played.

In the Barça see him like an alternative for the centre of the field, no for the side, but that has been the role that has assumed in Germany and in a lot of occasions with the Bayern of Munich. Of this tournament depends a lot his future, because they are many the rumours on that the group muniqués has put him in the market because Vincent Kompany does not see him like an indispensable player in the project that will lead from the 2024/2025. His available price, in any case, rondará the 60 million euros.

Nico Williams, one of the possible 'disclosures' of Spain

One of the players called to surprise in the continental tournament is Nico Williams. To his 21 years has 'adueñado' of the left extreme of 'The Red' and will be an indisputable player in the approach of Luis de la Fuente. It is one of the attackers with greater projection and of these footballers that can mark the difference with an acceleration. It will be in the focus, with Lamine Yamal, and everything seems to indicate that a lot of what can attain Spain in the Eurocopa 'will depend' of the gunpowder of his extremes, put still are many the doubts with Álvaro Morata.

It will not be a lower factor the fact that De la Fuente has them 'tested' much more centralised, so that they can play inside and are the sides those who dominate the band, by what aim to have much more impact. In the Barça are very attentive to what can happen with the minor of the brothers Williams because, although it renewed in December with the Athletic until 2027 and has a clause of rescission of 60 millions, has not closed definitively the door to go out of Saint Mamés.

Bernardo Silva, in front of if big opportunity with Portugal

The Portuguese selection does not split like one of the big favourite, but is one of which can give the 'surprise' this summer, as it happened in 2016. They arrive in a very good moment to collective level and have differential players in his staff. One of the most important is Bernardo Silva, the one who will be one of the 'fixed' of Roberto Martínez. It is a 'todoterreno' and a footballer with a big technical that converts easily in a threat by his band, in addition to offering balance to his team.

The luso is one of which has been in the diary of picture barcelonista from does a few years, but his signing has antojado as 'impossible' by the economic factor. Of face to the next season does not split like a priority, but yes a player of the that will be very attentive. Has agreement with the Manchester City until the summer of 2026 and a clause of rescission that round the €58m.

Amadou Onana, new 'leader' of the centre of the Belgian field?

Another of the players that will give of what speak in the Eurocopa is Amadou Onana, midfield player of the Everton that aims to be indisputable in the XI of Belgium for the tournament. Already it has 'created' a name in his selection, although has 'alone' 22 years, because it had been one of the big 'protected' of Roberto Martínez in his stage like seleccionador Belgian. It is a mediocentro with a very interesting profile, very physical and that supposes a 'wall' very difficult to surpass in the one against one.

It is a player that wins constantly in the aerial game, by what can be a 'surprise' in a Belgium that, for the first time, does not split like one of the favourites and can benefit him so that it can sign a good tournament. In the Barça also have him in the list of futuribles for the mediocentro, but also are conscious that there will be a very hard competition and that the available price will not go down of the €60m.

Martín Zubimendi, the second option for the pivote of Spain

Everything seems to indicate to that De la Fuente will bet by Rodri for the pivote of Spain in the Eurocopa, but Zubimendi also could 'colarse' in the plans of the seleccionador because has a profile, if it wants , similar. It was very important for the Real Sociedad and has 'fulfilled' in the opportunities that has had with the selection.

In the Barça keep him like one of the names to reinforce the medullary, but without being a priority after the exit of Xavi Hernández. Flick Bets by other names, but surely will be very attentive to how can manage in the 'whiles' that have with Spain. His available price, in any case, is fixed from does time: 60 million euros.

Jeremie Frimpong, does not split like titling in the Euro, but...

The side was one of the big novelties of the season with the Bayer Leverkusen and was one of the 'culprits' of the big season that signed the picture of Xabi Alonso, but a priori does not split like titling in Low Countries. It will be necessary to see the opportunities that awards him Ronald Koeman during the tournament, but is one of the players by which 'will litigate' a lot of teams of Europe.

Recently it was linked with the FC Barcelona, but the own Dutch went out to the step of the rumours: "Interest of the Barça? They are only rumours... I do not read rumours!", it said, adding that "the rumours are only rumours, any one can say anything". It will be very complicated that it abandon the Leverkusen and, if it does it, will not be by a low price. The culés, equally, have the right side very covered.

Mikel Merino, the 'alternative' for the medullary of Spain

The midfield player of the Real Sociedad splits with an opportunity to sign an interesting performance with Spain in the Eurocopa. It does not split, a priori, like a headline, because all seems to indicate to that De la Fuente will bet by Rodri, Pedri and Fabián, but yes a player that will go in in constant rotation and that it can change the dynamics from the base of the played.

Merino has been very linked with the Barça in this last month, because they see him like an accessible option to reinforce the centre of the field and value his versatility. It is able to adapt to different diagrams and positions, by what calls the attention of Deco and Flick. It has desmarcado of any type of rumour, but has a year more than agreement with the Real and could sallir by 'alone' 25 million euros.

The big 'covered' of the Eurocopa

In addition to the above-mentioned players, that somehow or another have been linked with the Barça in the last months, there is varied 'covered' in the tournament that will contest in Germany that will give of what speak and that they can surprise with his respective selections, by which his names will have to be on the table. One of them is Benjamin Šandško, the one who aims to be the big leader of Slovenia and quie has comported like a goleador very striking. It was one of the figures of the past season with the RB Leipzig, with 14 goals (11 of them in 2014) and that has won the interest of teams like PSG, Arsenal or AC Milan.

A much less sounded player, also of the Leipzig, is Nicolas Seiwald. It consolidated in the centre of the field of the square Teutonic and aims to be indisputable in the Austria of Ralf Rangnick in a double pivote in which 'will contribute' muscle to the centre of the field and an exit of balloon very clean. Likewise, Armando Broja, that the Barça will see very closely because Spain will measure in front of Albania, is one of the big threats in the attack and can be a quebradero of head by his verticality, good pass and big aerial game.

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