The FC Barcelona, as it expected , has wanted to close an agreement with the Real Spanish Federation of Football regarding the protection of the youngest players of the Barcelona club that the organism can summon to be with Spain this next summer, and besides has achieved it. Like this it informs it 'Sport' this Tuesday, signalling that the RFEF moved a message of tranquility in this regard.

The Barça, as well as the Athletic Club with Nico Williams, have tried to define how all the parts can handle the subject of the best way, avoiding the of Pedri, that in the summer of 2021 contested the Eurocopa with Spain and shortly after the Olympic games of Tokyo, going back to Barcelona late, without doing pre-season and very tired. It is thus that in this opportunity the culés have moved with anticipation in this regard, and finally have obtained the compression of the federative organism, which left them clear that do not go to 'squeeze' to the two players culés.

The conditions of the Barça are very clear

The information aims that the Barça and the RFEF have agreed that Lamine and Cubarsí only will attend to the Olympic games if his participation in the Eurocopa is minimum. The two parts have clear that, by common sense, can not force to two so young footballers that still do not have the majority of age, by what would be in Paris only if in Germany see very few minutes, a figure that is not determined still, or directly remain without debuting in the Eurocopa.

Lamine, with a lot of options to have prominence in the Euro

This last stage seems little likely for the forward if we take into account that it already is a fixed in the announcement of Luis de la Fuente for the Eurocopa and has a lot of chevrons also to be in the XI like right extreme in the first party, on 15 June in front of Croatia. Cubarsí, by his part, also has a lot of options to go in, remembering that the Red also will bump in front of Italy and Albania in the phase of groups between the 15 and 24 June.

Regarding the Olympic games, the appointment starts of official way on 26 July, but the competition futbolística will begin some days before. Spain will measure in first phase to Egypt, Dominican Republic and the Runner-up of the next Asian Glass Sub-23. This leaves very little margin between both tournaments, remembering that the final of the Euro is on 14 July and the duels of fourth and semifinals, to where could arrive Spain without too many problems, already will be also in the month of July.