This Tuesday signalled in FCBN all the problems that the players of the FC Barcelona have confronted in the last seasons when they abandon the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, or even also when they attend to some session of work. And it is that the location and importance of the field of Barcelona training causes that the public road that surrounds him was constantly low 'siege' of fans culés, but also of a lot of creators of content in social networks that look for to approach to the maximum to the footballers.

But as in almost everything in this world, no everything always is positive and the culés many times have had to face uncomfortable and unpleasant situations, just as it happened him to Iñigo Martínez the past Monday. However, the situation can not be corrected of root since the club sustains in that in front of any incident that produces in the public road with players affected, once already have abandoned the installations, the service of private security of the club can not take part of direct form since the competitions of performance correspond to the strengths and bodies of security.

There is not an absolute road for the Barça regarding solving the situation

It is thus that the Barça works of the hand of the Local Police of Sant Joan Despí and with the Mossos d'Esquadra, according to the type of incident, to try keep the situation the most controlled possible, as it explains 'Sportive World'. The information also aims that the service of Barcelona security acts with special incidence in the prevention, management and resolution of any incident that can produce in the accesses to the installations of the Ciutat Esportiva in the moments in that the players access or abandon them.

The Barça tries that the players are the more to the so much possible

In this same line, the Barça works of permanent way with the quoted strengths with a permanent flow of information to communicate the incidents that produce and try minimise the risks associated. Equally they try give periodic instructions to the players of the first team to explain the possible consequences in case to detain to sign autographs out of the installations with the consequent situation of danger by accumulation of people in the public road, especially with the increase of the designated 'tiktokers'.