Bojan Krkic, ex canterano of the FC Barcelona and current coordinator of the area of football and attach to the sportive director of the club, Deco, said present in the gala of 'Tuttosport' in which they announced the 100 nominated to the Golden Boy 2024, which took place this Wednesday in the Castle of Solomeo in Perugia. The one of Linyola gave a conference where explained the model of The Masia and spoke on the operation of the quarry of the Barcelona club.

"The Barça like club, like history, characterises for giving a lot of confidence to the young players. This is important. The players of the basic football have the confidence that a day can arrive to the first team. It is ours DNA, in which we trust. Have a form to understand the football. It is a form that amuse us with the balloon. The values that represent to the club are very important: the education, the respect, the education to school level… Are those that complete to the players of the Masia", started his appearance the director.

Krkic Put like example to Lamine Yamal, that is the big candidate to carry the award that rewards to the best young player of the world. "The fact to be in the day in day out in the sportive centre is important. Lamine Yamal, for example, is still in dynamics of The Masia in spite of being in the first team. And this does that the mates see that it is possible", ensured.

Of equal form, Bojan remarked that it is little common to see to players so young consolidated in the first team, but recognised that the situation of the club forces them to throw of the quarry more than nape. "Like club are debuting players too young for my taste. But there is a situation in the club that need more than ever to our youngsters", confessed. Nevertheless, it ensured that these footballers, weigh his big present, follow forming further of the football, commenting that "players like Lamine, Cubarsí, Héctor Font, Marc Guiu… Follow going to the school, doing examinations… The Masia and the club gives them the greater ease to be able to form".

The method of recruitment of the Barça

Bojan Remarked that the Barcelona entity follows betting by the talent of the people to the hour to draft new 'perlas' to the quarry. "There are two people that commission of the basic football, that are those that do the work of 'scouting'. In a world with so many data, we follow taking decisions with the talent that see, with the eyes. With this essence of the football that says us if a player is differential. Everything evolves, the data help… But to me likes me the people that has talent. And for this does not do fault that a program give me data. Before they did not exist these data and there were fantastic people that detected this talent, like Buffon –today present in Perugia- or Messi. We have to recover them", it affirmed.

Finally, Krkic stood out the structure of the Masia, giving him importance to the presence of the families in the development of the players of the Barça. "Have a structure very very organised, with the directors of the Masia and eight tutors. Every three months they have meetings with the families of the players", concluded.