One of the factors that more have influenced in the FC Barcelona, especially in the last years, is the "surroundings" and the feeling that they are many the voices authorised for 'analyse' or put in cloth of trial how works the team or his performance, as such. It is a work that would have to correspond him to the trainer and his technical body, but in the City Condal is a different history. And, of there, that the pressure for the technicians was bigger, because have more 'difficulties' to work.

With Hansi Flick the history, at least in paper, aims to be different. The Teutonic wants that his changing room was 'hermetical' and that they are very few the voices authorised. It will be he the one who take the decisions and look for the most hit way for 'give back' to the Barcelona to the way of the victory and, more important still, of the success. One of the points that more considers vital is, precisely, avoid that there is so much noise inside and out of the club. Recently it trascended that it wanted to avoid the leaks from inside the changing room and aims to 'extend' all his measures.

Flick Adds 'conditions' in the Barça

An information of the journalist Laia Tudel suggests that the intention of the ex of the Bayern and of the selection of Germany is 'close' entirely the door of the changing room, that is to say, that no between neither go out information (a practice that seems complicated, a priori). With this, as we mentioned before, the main aim is that the staff was much more protected. It is one of the steps 'nail' so that they can face the season of a better way.

Between the decisions that would have taken Flick would be that only it would be Deco, sportive director, the only 'character' authorised to have incidence in the day in day out of the players. It would be the attendant to accompany him and follow of usual way of the trainings, as it comes doing it since it assumed his charge during the past summer. This wants to say that, from other departments of the club, would not be in conditions to observe, analyse and, more important still, think and argue the work of the team.

Flick Has the confidence of the Barça

The plan and aim of Flick is clear and logical, especially after a season in which the leaks were daily and in which it remained the feeling, in a lot of moments, that all 'hinder' to take decisions that corresponded him only to Xavi Hernández. Now it will remain to expect by the results, but has the whole confidence of the club, especially by part of Joan Laporta and his managerial board.