This Tuesday the FC Barcelona announced that Héctor Fort renewed with the Barcelona entity until 2026. The side, that expects that later firm until 2029 when in the next months fulfil the majority of age, strengthened this season in the first team with the injury of Alejandro Balde and the annoyances that crossed Joao Cancel during this past season.

Fort Had like this several opportunities with the first team and although they were not too many minutes (little less than 600'), the side finish contesting ten parties in his first course in the elite, something by what the Barça has decided to bet by him and renew his agreement, that finish the next year. After this announcement, the young defence left his first words and was very clear in his aims in the short term.

Héctor Fort has happened all the levels in the Barça

"This year it is unforgettable for me, the year of the debut, begin to have minutes. I will not forget it never. Yes it is truth that have not achieved titles, but learn a lot of this year and sure that of here from now on everything will go better", ensured. "I went in in the Barça with 7 years, like Prebenjamín, in the lowest category", remembered also Fort, adding that "I have gone happening categories, year to year, sharing with a lot of players and playing a lot of tournaments until arriving where are today, that is the aim", signalled the side culé.

A very clear way for the side of the Barça

Likewise, Héctor Fort explained that now the aim is "to consolidate me in the first team and have the maximum of possible minutes, adding titles, winning and be here the maximum possible time", said in statements to the means of the Barça. "It does a lot of illusion renew with the club of your life. They are a lot of years here in the house working for this and achieve it does me very happy", stood out the youngster.

Finally, Fort commented on his renewal that "agree me of my family, that support me each day and hold me. And of my friends, that carry all the life with me. And obviously of the trainers, staff, players that have been with me during these 11 years that carry in the Barça", commented the defence, the one who now will have to try keep in the first team with a new trainer, the German Hansi Flick.