The relation between Xavi Hernández and Anderson Luis Gives Souza (Deco), although it seemed to develop inside the limits of the cordialidad, have gone revealing a series of informations that suggest that there was more than a brush between both parts, which could have calado in his professional bond. As it informed in 'SPORT', one of the problems was related with the fault of tuning between the Portuguese and the one of Terrassa regarding the incorporations that had to do to strengthen to the Barcelona picture.

The source mentioned sustains that the sportive director of the combined Catalan possibly did not have the necessary freedom to take decisions in the market, what carried him to tire of the constant insinuations of Hernández on the arrival of some players, in addition to the continuous internal questions on the sportive planning. Likewise, Deco did not see with clarity the list of additions and low proposals by the egarense, what generated a total disconnection between both parts, that have to enjoy of a big connection to attain the success of the team.

In the last months, the Portuguese showed some annoyance and did not doubt in leaving clear that any contracting did without the consent of Xavi. In this point, it is necessary to remember incorporations like the one of Joãor Félix in the past market veraniego and the apparently precipitated arrival of Vitor Roque in January, although perhaps they did not excite to the technical body, were purchased with the permission of the of Terrassa. However, in the campaign no finished them using a lot.

The tension between Xavi Hernández and Deco already came from before

To his time, from 'SPORT', also expose that the relation between both parts already was taut from August of the past year. Deco Felt 'separated' by the duet Xavi-Mateu Alemany, since no took him into account in the taking of some decisions. His anger aggravated because of a trip of Mateu to Villarreal, where tried without success fichar to the Argentinian side Juan Foyth. When the luso enteró of this, said 'suffice', and Alemany was sacked. From this, the sportive director culé took advantage of the situation to reorganise the sportive area, centralising all the negotiations and forbidding the calls to players from the technical body.

In spite of all these 'crashes', Deco accepted the continuity of Xavi Hernández by a year more, although apparently it was not entirely convinced. Nevertheless, when being a decision of the president, accepted it. However, after the deafening defeat against the Girona in Montilivi (4-2), Deco and several advisers of the club did to see to Joan Laporta that the project had to take another course and that had to hire to a trainer with professional experience. This could have been one of the factors that carried to the dismissal of the egarense and, like consequence, to the contracting of Hansi Flick, with the one who expects that the Portuguese can build an institutional structure to the height of the Barcelona cast.