The FC Barcelona is leader in LaLiga Santander and in the phase of groups of the Champions League, but the resultadismo will not help to resolve a grave basic problem that, if it does not solve , will finish with all hope of success. Teams like the Real Madrid, the Inter of Milan or the Borussia have showed that the culés can suffer a lot against the most powerful opponents if they do not improve in some appearances.

Soft defence

The FC Barcelona has lost this pressure asfixiante that did him recover the balloon up, what leaves to the very sold team in defence and does him lose a lot of solidity. The problem are not Hammered or Lenglet, the problem is that the team is very split between the lines of four of the defence and the centre of the field and the one of the forward, formed by Messi and Suárez. In place to defend with eleven, defends with nine, something that does that the team have a bloodletting backwards.

Dependency goleadora in the MSG

The problem to have to a Barça without identity and without an idea of consistent game forces to the FC Barcelona to survive thanks to the instinct of his players with more goal. The so many of Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Antoine Griezmann generate too much dependency for the men of Valverde. That an acting usual like Arturo Vidal was the maximum chamber goleador after them shows the basic problem of the culés.

System of game caducado

From the start of the back season to the disaster of Rome, the FC Barcelona follows playing the same in spite of seeing that it has lost reliability in defence, command in the centre of the field and effectiveness in general lines. Of this, does a year and half and Ernesto Valverde has not changed neither an apex of the system of game. A 4-3-3 caducous and predictable, soft and descoordinado, but followed to rajatabla in spite of the bad game.

Disaster to domicile

The FC Barcelona, inside what fits, achieves to dominate the parties in the Camp Nou, excepting the duels against the Real Madrid and against the Inter of Milan. However, out of house the team goes down a lot his performance and, in fact, only have obtained 15 points of the 30 contested of league, being the better chamber visitor in spite of aspiring to win the title of League. Already it begins to seem a curse.

Disconnections in key moments

In the present season, the FC Barcelona has lost big quantity of points by fault to have disconnections in some moments of the party, already are individual or collective. Parties apparently controlled -as the ones of the Espanyol or the Raise- finish resulting finish with a 'prick' by fault of momentary disconnections that cost important goals.