To day of today, the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona would be one of the best valued in all Europe in what to sponsorships refers . The income by the agreement with Nike, mark that has dressed to the club from 1998, and the agreement, mainly, with Spotify, leave to the Catalan group like the second that more income would perceive by year according to a study of Football Benchmark.

The analysis of the plantaforma, that commissions of the study detailed of clubs by means of the utilisation of financial data, operative, of social networks and of assessment of players, indicates that the Barça perceives around 175 million euros, €105m by Nike and €70m, each season by his T-shirt, only by behind the Real Madrid. It would be necessary to add, besides, the 8 'kilos' annual that perceive by Ambilight.

The top 10 of the better T-shirts valued

The White House has an agreement with Adidas of 120 million euros, 15 'kilos' more than the Barça, to what add the €70m of the sponsorship of Emirates. In total, the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez embolsaría around €190m by his T-shirt, to what also would be necessary to add him the recent agreement with 'HP' in the sleeve, reached the past month of February.

Of agreement to this ranking, Paris Saint-Germain occupies the third position with income of €80m of Adidas and €66m of Qatar, gone on down the Arsenal with 88+€58m between Adidas and Emirates. The German mark also represents to the Manchester United, fifth in the classification with €88m more other €55m of Team Viewer. Behind, it is the Manchester City with €76m of Cougar and €65m of Etihad. They close it Chelsea (70+€47m) and the Bayern of Munich (€60m+€50m).