The things do not change for a FC Barcelona Femení that dominates in Spain almost without opposition. In the Classical of the second turn of the championship, key to decant the League F practically of definite way, the ones of Jonatan Giráldez have gone back to sign an exhibition for 'arrollar' to a Real Madrid that has not had capacity of answer and that follows without knowing the victory in front of the Catalans.

Only they took ten minutes in reflecting the advantage in the marker, after dominating and move the balloon of a side to another for 'feel dizzy' to the madridistas. Hansen Sent a vertical pass for the arrival of Ona Batlle. It went by the right-handed band to send a centre measured for Rolfö, in the second stick. Only it had to 'push' the ball after receiving free of mark. The Real Madrid could not assimilate the goal and saw how the Catalans lived in rival field constantly in the first compasses of the meeting.

It did not go until the half hour of party in which the local achieved to keep the possession and presionar near of the Barcelona area. Mass was key for the exit of the Madrid, propiciando exits in long that allowed to the attacker run and generate a feeling of danger, but in the last metres remained in 'swim'. The Barça had options to increase the advantage with occasions of Graham, that left was, or a kick of Aitana that repelled Mass 'in exreemis' to command it to corner.

The sentence of the Barça, in the second half

The advantage of the Catalans was quite short for the seen in the field, but in the resumption were able of 'sentence' the prompt party and destroy the hope that remained him to the Madrid. It had not happened a chamber dee hour when, after a played of Graham Hansen, that apuró until background line to yield him the spherical to Aitana that finished without contemplation to put the 0-2 in Valdebebas.

Graham was the attendant to put 'full stop' to the afternoon. It was being the key piece of the party and had the reward of his goal: it Received of Bonmatí to put in the area, recortó to Olga Carmona twice until leaving it seated and commanded a finish potentísimo in which Mass at all could do. The Barça gives continuity to his flawless series against the Real Madrid and keeps his invicto in League: 61 points in 21 parties and an advantage of 12 points on, precisely, the White House.