The ex-president of the Real Spanish Federation of Football, Luis Rubiales, offered an interview for 'The Sixth' in Dominican Republic, before being detained in the airport of Madrid, and later put in freedom. In said note surprised to all to the desvelar the name of the players of the women's team that would have asked the head of Jorge Vilda. To his time, reiterated his innocence in front of the indictments by sexual aggression against Jenni Beautiful.

Rubiales Revealed the names of the three players that would have requested the exit of Vilda, months after achieving the World-wide Feminine for Spain. «They wanted to that it loaded me to Vilda, because they were tired, did not arrive the message. The three captains. Had a call to three bands with Irene Walls, Alexia Putellas and Patri Pebble and asked me the head of Vilda», declared. Of this way, went the three players of the FC Barcelona Femení those who had been the promoters to ask the resignation of the trainer.

Continuing, thought on the complaints of the players by the habits of the now trainer of the women's team of Morocco in the previous concentrations to the meetings with Spain. "I have been with them concentrated long. I do not know who says these things. In a concentration it is necessary to be very escrupuloso, there are the same norms for players and players. Anybody can go out of the concentration without permission. I have not seen never this", sentenced.

On the kiss with Jenni Beautiful

The ex-president of the Federation reiterated his innocence about the controversy generated around the kiss that had with Jenni Beautiful. Rubiales Affirms that never there was sexual aggression and coerce. "The one who see the images, can not be a sexual aggression, between two friends, with a question, sexual there was not at all, she says me 'okay'… Here are the images. The Beautiful lady changed his version, but no in the aeroplane. In the moment in which there are pressures, she changes. Only I spoke 10 seconds with her. I said him that communication had asked us go out together and she no longer wanted. I do not attack to Beautiful. Only I say that she does not say at all and afterwards another different by writing" finalised.