In a review of the classification of LaLiga, the FC Barcelona would have proclaimed champion if they delete the errors of the VAR. According to an analysis made by 'ArchivoVAR', the blaugranas, those who finished the competition with 85 points, would happen to have 89, whereas his eternal rival, the Real Madrid, that finish with 95, would occupy the second square with a point less than the ones of Xavi.

The season was full of controversies because of the decisions of the VAR, and this alternative classification has fed the debate on the real impact of the technology in the game. The Barça, that has been critical in several occasions with the referee's decisions influenciadas by the tool, finds in a favourable position in this hypothetical table. This new analysis has given to the Barcelona fans a reason more to question the current implementation of the VAR in LaLiga.

The report of 'ArchivoVAR' reveals that without the errors of the VAR, the Catalan group would have won several additional points in key parties, what would have allowed them surpass to the Real Madrid, that would have 88 points. This detail highlights the narrow competition between the two giants of the Spanish football and how the controversial decisions can alter significantly the dynamics of LaLiga.

A reminder of what could have been

In any case, this alternative classification has provided additional ammunition for the debates futbolísticos and has underlined the need of a review and constant improvement of the system VAR, as the one who will do in England with the Premier League. For the followers of the team of the City Condal, this table is a reminder of what could have been in a marked season by the referee's controversy.