To his 24 years, Cheikh Kane Sarr has happened to be an almost anonymous footballer to be one of the proper names of the Spanish football in the actuality, although no by the subject that a lot of wanted to. The guardameta of the Ray Majadahonda has lived some last 72 hours of authentic madness after it decided to direct in plenary split to a fan that was attacking him with racist insults.

With regard to this regrettable situation, the Senegalese spoke for the first time, conceding an interview to 'The World' in which it has wanted to leave clear several points, including of course how sucedió all and the posture that many of his mates of profession would owe to have in front of this type of situations. "It can not be that to the that abuse and suffers, besides sanction it. No what will happen with the decision of the Committee of Competition, but would like me that they thought in this. To anybody to the that abuse can sanction for reacting", explained.

And it is that the guardameta confronts to a possible sanction for having decided head to the terracing in the middle of the party, although it insisted that "it was not violence, was to want to have a conversation", signalled. "The referee not even approached to ask me to me what had happened. How it can be this? The truth, thought that the first that went to do was to protect me to me, but no. What did was to expel me", sustained.

Vinicius, a clear reference for Sarr in this moment

Besides, it has touched a key point for many, the posture that has Vinicius right now with regard to the racist attacks that has received in some fields of LaLiga. "I go to death by him because he has lived it. There is not felt that there is racism. I am very proud of him. I thank for him support me. I have thanked for him his publication in Instagram. If all the players of colour went like Vinicius, the racism would finish ", explained Sarr.

A history that would not have to repeat in any another place

Already on the fact in concrete, the goalkeeper of the Majadahonda related that "when we change of field, already began to notice some cries. In the minute 50 began to do the sounds of the monkey, of the ape. In the 82, after receiving the second goal, went to take water to drink. Then I listened of everything: 'Black of shit, puto black'. Before this there was a lot of other people that abused, no only to me, also abused to the Spaniards, a lot of people. But then I listened to this gentleman", related.

"It could not more. It was very nervous. It had listened the cries. I am in ramadán... It wanted to ask after him what treated me like this, if had or no family and could comprise me. It did not have intention to assault him for nothing, at all. Therefore I held him by the scarf. How it went I to hit him? Never I have assaulted to anybody. If they sanction me, this will be the first sanction that have in my life", ensured Cheikh Kane Sarr.