The estamento referee's is more distinguished that never and more after knowing that the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) admits that Hernández Hernández made a mistake from room VOR in two of the three controversial actions of the Real Madrid-Almería. Santiago Bernabéu lived one of the most controversial parties of the season, with difficult decisions to understand so much of the referee of field, José Hernández Maeso, as of Hernández Hernández from the VAR.

Three very controversial actions that caused the indignation and the unrest of the players of the Almería, beginning by Melero, that exposes to a sanction for using the term 'theft' to describe the lived in Santiago Bernabéu, and by Gaizka Garitano, that finish expelled and with strong statements in the back press conference to the party.

Manu Carreño, director of the 'The Crossbar', informed yesterday that the CTA recognises that Hernández Hernández made a mistake in the penalti in favour of the Real Madrid by hand of Kaiky and goal of Vinícius Júnior with the shoulder. In the first action, the CTA considers that it did not value from the room VOR the two possible faults that there was, so much of Rüdiger like Joselu, to the start of the played. Once that the referee of field attends to the screen to signal a possible penalti, Hernández Hernández does not value all the occurred and ignores completely the possible faults of the Spanish forward and German defence.

The CTA admits also that there was an error in the goal of Vinícius

The another action that follows giving of what speak is the so much of Vinicius, that still does not know if it was with the shoulder or the hand. The Technical Committee of Referees admits also an error in the assessment of the played when indicating him to Hernández Maeso that saw the action without the clarity to determine if the strike of the balloon produced with the shoulder or the hand. However, they do not have doubts in the fault to Bellingham by 'manotazo' of Lopi, previous action to the played that finish with goal of the excanterano madridista Sergio Arrive.