The return of Toni Kroos to the absolute selection of Germany has generated a lot of expectations. It has put an end to his 'stop', after devoting exclusively to the Real Madrid, to help to his country of face to the Eurcopa that, also, will house in 'house'. It is not a secret for anybody that the trained by Julian Nagelsmann do not cross by his best moment and that they would have to give a radical change if they want to litigate by the continental title.

The player of the Real Madrid will be the big leader of the room of machines of Germany and the illusion is maximum. Ílkay Gündogan, midfield player of the FC Barcelona and captain of the selection Teutonic, has spoken of what supposes his return in press conference and only has had praises for a Kroos to the that considers like one of the big referents in the creation of game.

Germany, 'surrendered' in front of Toni Kroos

Gündogan Has been the attendant to analyse the actuality of the selection in press conference and, questioned on what supposes the return of Kroos and the impact in the changing room and plans, has left clear that it is a point that are managing very well: "it Is a big feeling know to Toni to your side. There are not a lot of players of creation in the European football that have the qualities of Toni. I expect a lot of him. I think that we will manage it very well", confessing how remains the 'hierarchy' of the changing room with him: "At all it will change. It will assume directly an extremely important paper, even out of the terrain of game".

Gündogan Was not the only that has pronounced . The seleccionador germano, Julian Nagelsmann, has stood out that the attitude of the footballer of 34 years has impressed him and that, in any moment, has left a feeling of superiority: "Toni is integrating very well. It does not give you the feeling to have airs of greatness. It does not stand out in the group for feeling by on. Has an extraordinary capacity to be leader in a party. Cause very good impression".