Leo Messi, during the interview of Jordi Évole in LaSexta


IN LIVE: Follow the interview of Jordi Évole to Leo Messi

Published:27/12/2020 - 21:15h

Updated:28/12/2020 - 17:53h

You don't have to lose neither a detail of the interview of Jordi Évole to Leo Messi in LaSexta, that we will transcribe at the minute. Leo Messi will talk about the actuality culé and will speak of his future

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The prestigious journalist and presenter, Jordi Évole, has interviewed to Leo Messi in LaSexta during the night of this Sunday 27 December in Spain. From 'FCBN' explain you the whole statements of the star of the FC Barcelona, that had to all the world expectante. What said the '10'? It revealed finally his future? Here you can read his confessions:

  • End of the interview.
  • On the end of his have the Barça: "it Is a history of very chiquito with the club and with the city, Finish as it finish does not have why mark what lived in all my career, is not easy to be 16 years of professional and that all have gone well, there is bad moment, very bad, always all surpasses , already will see the end".
  • On what will be when it leave to play to the football: "I do not know it, I have not thought it, but something related with the football, is what likes me, what know, but in something with the football, no technical. I do not see me of trainer, perhaps yes of sportive director to bring to players that I want to or that think that needs the club to the that was, already will see".
  • On what would say him to the people that thinks that it goes : "That I do not know if I will go me or no and if I go me, it would like me go me of the best way, always speaking hypothetically, would like me go back some day, would like me go back to the city, to work in the club, contribute, that does not happen at all, that the Barcelona is much bigger that any player, even to me obviously, and that ojalá the president that avenges do well the things to go back raise important titles".
  • On if it would play in Real Madrid or Athletic: "No, impossible".
  • On if it is happier now: "it cost Me, it was not in the place where wanted to be, cost me adapt me to the changing room because there are a lot of new people, of burn them surrounded does not remain anybody or few, there are a lot of people of out, few of house, are different cultures, somo all different, this does more difficult to join to a changing room, that was strong, but little by little go it doing".
  • On if it would remain if in the Camp Nou go back to corear his name: "Surely it would know really the opinion of the inflate of the Barça, what thinks, would show it in the field, what they see or feel".
  • On what other leagues would like him: "I do not know what goes to happen, am centred in which have, in what it can do in these six months, do not think in how will finish the year, because for the time being it would not be well that said you what go to do because I do not know it".
  • On if when speaking of 'go back' to Barcelona wants to say that it goes to go: "Always I said that have the illusion that it would like me enjoy of the experience to live in United States, to live this League and this life, but afterwards if raisin or do not know it, is not a now or in the future and therefore I say the to go back".
  • Jordi Évole shows him a guide of Paris and another of Manchester. It gives him to choose: "No, llevátelas (ojea one). I know that there are a lot of people of the club, of the Barcelona, the inflate, that still wants me, that wants that it was still in the club, also know that there are other people that after it happened it is not like this, but go to do what was better for the club and for me, do not have doubts, and what say me the heart and of the head. I think to go back..., I go me to remain to live in Barcelona, and want to go back to Barcelona the day of morning because when it leave to be player want to be in the club, somehow, contributing in what it know in something, is what want to and what seat".
  • On negotiating with other clubs in January: "I do not have at all clear until it finish the year, go to expect to that it finish the season, if it would not be breaking what said you now, the important is to think in the team, finish well the year, think in trying achieve titles and not to distract me in other things".
  • On his relation with Griezmann: "The relation is good, I already said it, did not have never problems with him and never did all what said , that did not want his signing and all this, think that remained more than cleared. I do not have problems, the relation is good and sometimes take matt together in the changing room and in the trips, there is not any type of at all".
  • On his best fellow in the changing room: "I get along with all but with the people that carries more time in the club, with the people of house with which more affinity more relations of convivencia".
  • On what said Neymar to play together next year: "it did not say we go to play, said would like me play… no?. Yes, we speak from time to time. The three or with him or with Luis each day. We keep the relation. With Luis, almost every day. The last message speak of the draw that had touched us against them, that any of the two wanted to, by the team that is, that they neither wanted to to the Barcelona, because although today we are not in the best moment somo9s a team respected by the historio and goes to be a very equalised party".
  • On if Neymar Jr would go down the index card to come to the Barça: "And to the Paris how pay him the traspaso… is not easy, goes to be a difficult situation for the new president. It will have to be very intelligent, order all and do a lot of changes so that it go him well".
  • On if it would remain if they promise him to Neymar Jr: "it Goes to be difficult also bring players because it does lacking money and there is not money. There are several important players to go back to litigate by everything and there are these players it is necessary to pay them the index card. It laughed me because you said to Neymar and has to be very expensive, by all what carries this".
  • On if it would remain if they promise him to Xavi of trainer: "I do not know. That it happen the elections, that win the one who have to win and afterwards will see that we finish well the year that can achieve some title and in June will see ".
  • On if it has spoken with some candidate: "No, I have not spoken with any. First they have to happen the elections, has to win and when it was resident to begin to handle the things like one".
  • On if has some candidate preferred to chair the Barça: "No, no. I prefer to not to position me with any because if they already say that I handle to the club, imagine you if I say that I want to a president. I prefer to not to do it and ojalá the one who, was, the best for the club and that it can change the situation that does not go to be easy because it goes to find with a situation by how is the club, by the subject of the pandemia and does not go to be easy to give him the turn to all this, but ojalá the one who win do well the things to go back to put the club, that so big is, in the place where deserves , that for the time being is not".
  • On if it is partner of the Barça: "Yes".
  • On when Tusquets said that he had sold to Messi: "For the time being it does not do fault that say this, already happened, he was not in his moment and more being a president that is an agent that do not have at all that do. What happened, happened and no longer would have to have stirred up the subject that does not do well to the team neither to the club and that it would have to think more to what comes that to what happened".
  • On the project of Ronald Koeman: "I Think that with Ronald Koeman gave him a seriousness and an idea of what pretends and what wants for his team and what wants for the club. I think so that it was a big tarpaulin and that is doing the things very well and that at the beginning is difficult because there are a lot of new people, a lot of young people but to poquito the team goes growing".
  • On the rumour that the one who commands in the Barça is Messi: "This comes saying does a lot of time but also and said in to the selection that I put to technicians, that I put players, that play my friends. It is something that bothers me that it say and that run the run run this and that many take for granted. The people consumes and believes all what goes out in the newspaper or in the TV many believe it, that put the players, that do the signing and the trainers and the truth is that it is very far of the reality".
  • On Luis Enrique and Guardiola: "For me Guardiola is the best. Has something special. It does you see the things of a way… To me calls me a lot the attention how prepares the parties, as it prepared defensivamente and how prepared to attack. It said you exactly where it was the party, how it was necessary to attack to win the parties. I had the bad luck, between comillas, that had long to Guardiola and to Luis Enrique, the two better. Have them so followed and so fast did that I grow a lot in the futbolístico and in the sabiduría tactical that em taught they. I thought that with Guardiola knew it all and afterwards arrived Luis Enrique that it was more or less seemed but em taught more still with small details that he went changing, the same resembled Guardiola but different details that did that it was another thing".
  • On how much does that it does not speak with Guardiola: "Of Pep Guardiola? Exactly I do not know but we have spoken yes. If we have spoken to find us in another team? No, the truth that no".
  • On if Inland revenue investigates him more to him that to the other: "I do not know. I do not know if they investigate me more or no. I had a problem with Inland revenue (condemned you to 21 months and afterwards commutated with a fine of 250.000 euros). It was advised by lawyers to the equal that my dad, that did all what said us that we had to do, finished solving as you said vos recently. It happened all this and do not complain of this, complain of the deal that received because it seemed me that it was immoderate all what touched me live, of how treated me , especially, by the Madrilenian press, although in Barcelona also had a lot of that attacked me and hurt me the deal because we happen a lot of players and a lot of other people by the same and the deal was not the same".
  • On if they said him that it could lose a trial in front of the Barça: "No, on the contrary. I knew that if it went to trial had the reason and had confirmed it to me a lot of lawyers, no only one but a lot of lawyers, but I wanted to go me of this way of the Barcelona".
  • On in which moment took the decision to go : "there is not a 'click'. It is all a way. One knows well to this club, carry a lot of years, the last year was hard. Already we came of before, the not winning. The previous years also had been difficult by how had fallen deleted in the Champions League and all this goes carrying to that it take the decision this, but there is not a 'click' in concrete but there are a lot of circumstances".
  • On the controversy of the directive of Bartomeu when hiring supposedly to a company to speak badly of the players: "The truth is that I did not give him greater importance. It was happening so many things in the much more important club that that as to put me to think or to stop me to see what was happening. I did not give him importance, the truth".
  • On in what deceived him Bartomeu: "(laughs) In a lot of things, the truth that in a lot of things. Although the truth prefer to not to take it out because it does not like me speak of private things that happened, am not to take out to relucir what said and did not promise but can ensure you that a lot of and in several years".
  • On the madness of the dismissal of Luis Suárez: "No because I already had it decided before this but yes that it seemed me a madness what did with Luis, speaking in the concrete case of Luis, by how did the things, by how was , and because it went free paying him the years of agreement and gave it to him to a team that went to struggle by the same aims that we. No only the fact that go that it already was hard, but how went ".
  • On the difficult that was to take the decision: "Yes, it went a terrible decision dificilísima to take, was horrible, was not easy to decide that it went me of the club of my life, that went me to change of city knowing that better that here did not go to be in any side because this is the best city to live to level of what there is here, of city, of climate, of all… That my family did not want to move, that my children did not want to move, that do not go us, do not want to me go. But it felt that it was the best in this moment for my, for all, that needed this, that had fulfilled a cycle and was the moment. It would not have to have been so drastic and would have to have arrived to the way to do it well and that it was the best for the club and for me".
  • On what felt with what said after the burofax: "it Listened to say: 'with all what helped you the club, that saved you the life…'. I am a grateful eternal to all this, as I said recently I also master to the club, love my city, Barcelona, and seat that I also gave all to the club, a lot of. And that all what gave me the club won it to me and deserved it to me by what did. Afterwards it arrived a moment that I thought that it had fulfilled a cycle, that needed a change, that my head needed to go out of all this, by the líos that there was in the club in this moment, by what came . I knew that it went to be a year of transition, of new people, of young people, and I as I always said wanted to follow struggling by more titles, for going back to litigate by the Champions, by the Leagues and felt that it was the moment of the change and wanted to go me and wanted to do it well. Afterwards it armed all that wrap, the president of this moment did not want and began to filter things to do me remain badly to me and to be the bad of the film and happened all what happened, but I follow being calm that what did was what felt and what had to do in this moment".
  • On if it would go back to command the burofax: "Yes, it is a way to formalise it and do it official. Vos Are saying that you want to go you but do not do at all to do it. I came him saying all the year, no all the year but yes the last six months a lot of times said him to the president that went me, that already wanted to me go, that help me, that wanted to go out and he no, no, no. It was a form to say want to go me seriously. It is a form to do it official and that arrive him to the club".
  • On if it has gone to the psychologist: "it would have to have gone but I went never. I do not know, it costs me give this step in spite of knowing that I need it. They insisted me so that it go, Antonela many times, that needed it. I am a person that save it to me everything for me and do not share it and never gave the step. I that need it by what do, by the day in day out, by what touches me do, and that would do me well, but do not do it".
  • On if be the best generates anxiety: "No, because I do not take it of this way, no game to be it neither so that they say it. Game to win, give the maximum to my team and give the best in each party, no for lucirme and that say that it is the best".
  • On the 2-8 against the Bayern Munich: "For all, by as it gave the party, for losing, can lose, have lost a lot of times and it is necessary to accept it. But yes that it was a moment I last by as it lost , especially because we knew that it was a party complicated, we came dragging a difficult year. We could lose but no of the way in that we did it".
  • On the bad that carries the defeats: "I do not know, from chiquito is a thing that went always like this. It lost and it cried or it litigated me with my brothers when they loaded me because they won me. I am very calentón, in the calentura do not think and say and do what goes out me and afterwards me arrepiento but am like this. I am calentón from chiquito".
  • On what thinks of the politics: "it does not like me, the truth, speak of politics, as it does not like me give my opinion on the pandemia. I try to listen to all and learn. It likes me speak with mine and think, but in enclosed circle. Also it converted the politics in something very rare for the people, more than political parties seem teams of football, the people does fanatical of one and can not think another thing because already there is fight and there is brush, have to go in in discussions. The same here that in Argentina, if you do you of one have to litigate you with the another and is to death one or another. And the truth is that I do not see it like this. I want the best for my country and the one who was would like me that it did the best to change the things and that the one who less has can live well, have eaten and do not suffer and that raise the country, already was in Spain that it is where touches me live or in Argentina that it is my country".
  • On the player that did not participate in the minute of silence to Maradona: "Each one is free to think and do what want to, surely no all the world like him or have liked him Maradona, surely to sportive level and what did in the football to all the world and afterwards his way to live or do the things to ones will like him and to others no, and each one is free to act like one wants to".
  • On if it thought that it would mark that goal: "The truth that yes, and this that came to do parties in do goals, this day was knowing that it had to do goal and was rare. In a played out of nowhere, at least looked for it appeared the goal".
  • On the T-shirt with which devoted the goal to Maradona: "they gave it to Me the people of Newell's, in his moment gave it to me and had it here saved and seemed me that it was the moment to do it like this".
  • On if has fear to the death: "Sometimes yes. I think no in the death but in what will happen when it no longer was. How it will follow, what there will be, how will remain my children, my family… but no a lot, attempt that was few times".
  • On if some time has imagined his funeral: "The truth that no imagine it to me neither want to think it. It was normal by what was Diego, by what did by Argentina and what feels the Argentinian by him. It was to expect the madness when sacking it because it deserved Diego".
  • On what felt with the death of Maradona: "it Was here in my house and arrived me a message of my dad and immediately put the TV and began to see things and me enteré of everything. A madness, could not it believe. If all knew that it was not well anybody imagined that it went to happen this that happened, anybody expected it and anybody can think that Maradona have died and that Diego was not more and that it have happened for real. It was something terrible and a madness".
  • On the calendar compressed: "What matters is to play and fulfil with the television agreements, sponsors and all what can and does not think in the sportsman. Play Sunday, Wednesday and if it does lacking Friday and Saturday. It looks more by the economic interest that by the sport or the game in himself. It likes us play and train and do it, do not know if we feel us used or no, but to us likes us what do and enjoy to play".
  • On what is to play without public: "Horrible, is very ugly the odd feeling to go out to the so big stadium and that there is not anybody, everything very cold, the truth that is ugly and the feeling is very bad, and suppose that seeing it has to be rare, bored and different, and think that therefore they are seeing also the results, everything does that it equalise but. It is not the same to come to the Camp Nou and that east the stadium to pop to that it go out the team and there is not to anybody, the feeling is another and play of another way. The parties are more equalised and uglier".
  • On the criticisms by the turn of the football before that the education after the first wave of the coronavirus: "it Can be that have reason, but does not correspond us to us. They did not say that it is necessary to play and did well to the people that was confined without being able to to go out of his houses and with the bad that were happening the can distract with football".
  • On if it knows how much money has: "Yes, I know what have, what do, what do not do. I am to the so much of everything".
  • On if his family was poor: "My family was not poor, but was a family of half class drop, did not be me never at all, lived well but no with big luxuries".
  • On what bothers him of the fame: "I Am a privileged by all what touched me live, is not that it bother me but there are times that would like me be anonymous and enjoy to go to a mercadillo, to a cinema, to a restaurant, to the supermarket, without that anybody you east looking and watching to see that you do and have 300 eyes looking you. Always I am appreciated by the affection that lived all over the world is spectacular. When I am with my children, likes me happen unobserved".
  • On if they are conscious of the effects of the pandemia: "Obviously that are to the so much of what happens, the people thinks that we are in a bubble and does not matter us at all, that win a lot of money, that is truth, but that does not matter us at all, and this is lie. We live the reality like any another, each one is as it is and each one follows it of a way or another likes Me inform me and see that this happening and as we are and am to the so much of how live".
  • On if it goes to the supermarket: "Sometimes I have gone. No always but some time have gone to the súper. It is more, it likes me go. The truth is that I do not go followed, but have gone some time. To the mercadillo? To this no, because it joints a lot of people and sometimes is complicated. Put you in places where there are a lot of people does difficult. No by at all more".
  • On how it is his day in day out: "it Is very normal. Sometimes it is bored. I can it to you explain in at all. We raise us in the morning, desayunamos, go to the school, go to train, go back, as with Antonela, immediately go to look for to Ciro and afterwards to the others two and go back home, do some activity, for example Thiago and Mateo are doing football twice by week. We go with them, we go back and already they are the 7 or 8, take some mates, sometimes the eight and average are eating and finish and go up and are all, finish seeing the TV and little more".
  • On the people that approaches by interest: "For this subject am difficult. Have my people, my friends and am very selective to the hour to choose with the one who be and the truth that yes, but think that always could it see or intuir and always handled me with mine".
  • On how they carry his children the fame: "Thiago suffers it a lot of. It is like me. Introvertido And shy and that avenge and say him this does not like him and has a bad time. It has gone accustoming. Has the luck that has mates from the 3 or 4 years that are the same and they same protect it and take it out of all this. And Mateo handles it better".
  • On if some time called 'Nobita' to Bartomeu: "Any did it (laughs), I any time said him Nobita and this".
  • On if it is stuck to the mobile: "Enough, the truth that if. All this of mobile, Ipad… did that it change all a bit".
  • On what likes him do with his children: "it likes Me be with them. It likes me when they ask me play to the football or play to something related with the sport. It likes me when they ask me bathe with me or come to sleep to my bed. I enjoy all what was to be with my children. It loves me happen time with them. All the nights present in the bed. Thiago no longer and Mateo is not that it appear, already comes directly. Ciro also. Sometimes we are the five sleeping".
  • On if it is in the Whatsapp of parents of the school: "No, it is the mother" (smile).
  • On how it went settling: "it Was an important experience that helped me to grow and to form me like person. In this moment was shy. I did me a shell and did not go in me at all. It was to think in what it wanted and try achieve my dream. Focus me in the trainings and in the parties, and in the school, and of apoco was doing the normal friendships. Already of by himself it was closed and today follow, costs me a lot share the things, especially the bad. I am to save me all and to eat me it only, of not to express it and to happen it as I can only".
  • On how it was his arrival to Barcelona: "it Was a moment difficult because were 13 years old and left it everything: friends, country, school… Everything. It changed my life completely and came to a place where did not know to anybody and on with my personality, that am shy, did difficult, the family went separating. My sister in this moment were five years old and suffered more than me and my mum had to go back to Argentina. My brother, that had his life already in Argentina, decided to go back. When we remain us alone with my dad said me 'what vos want to do, decides what want to do, if follow here in search of your dream or go back and restart the life of before', and I had very clear that wanted to remain me. All was very fast. The first year the first months could not play, but began to play and the first party me lesioné. I do not agree me if the tibia or that… The first year was hard".
  • On if it has cried in the last months: "By sportive subjects did not cry, but yes that suffered a lot, and afterwards by other subjects yes that cried which prefer not going in in details. But by sportive subjects suffered a lot of".
  • On what says the press: "I can not think in what thinks each one because but would go back me crazy. A lot of people speaks without knowing, increasingly. Today you can say any lie that does not happen at all, that remains here and the people believes it to him because the people that consumes periodic and television believes everything practically and no always everything is truth but this I can not it control".
  • On the economy of the Barça: "it Is a moment difficult for the club, as for all the world, but those that know and know the club, the truth is that it is really bad, very bad and goes to be difficult to go back to be where was".
  • On how it is anímicamente: "Well, the truth that for the time being am well, is truth that happened it very bad all the of the summer, of before the summer by how finished the season, afterwards came what happened in summer, of the burofax and all this, and afterwards the truth that dragged it a bit during the beginning but today find me well and with win to litigate seriously by all what have by in front, ilusionados, know that the club this going through a moment very complicated to level of club, of team and of everything and does difficult all what surrounds to the Barcelona but I am with win".
  • On if it knows how much costs a his T-shirt: "Eighty? Ninety? The one of the parties yes give them to us but afterwards if we want to do gifts have to buy them as all the world. They do not do us a lot of discount".
  • On what feels by the T-shirt of the Barça: "it Carried here from the 13 years. I grew in the club and in the city, carry more time living in Barcelona that in my own country, in Argentina... I learnt everything here, the club formed me like player, like person, I always left everything also by the Barcelona... And have a relation of love, because it is what lived since I arrived here. The love that have him to the club and to the city. My children were born here also. I am not a lot to do postureo and what goes out me is in the moment, because I'm sorry. If no I do not do it, and it is real".
  • On the holidays of Navidad: "we Are many to celebrate the Christmass. My family, my mother, my sister... When we are all together, is complicated. On the restrictions? I think that they fit some ten people... Here we celebrate more Dad Noel, but also Kings Magicians. The two things. When it was boy I always asked balls, things of football... I remember a day that gave me an official ball, and loved me. Also a day a T-shirt of football of Newell's, that recently went out... In general always it carried well Dad Noel with me".
  • On if it thrills with the football: "When I began to be professional and to devote me really to this, the passion or the inflates that I carry inside shelved it. For the time being those that more raise of the armchair and celebrate are my children, that have to walk always after them (smile)".
  • Sportsmen that thrill him: "there are a lot of sportsmen that are admirable. Rafa Nadal, Federer, LeBron… in all the sports there is a sportsman that stands out and is admirable by his work and by what does in the day in day out, Christian in the football, there are many… Admire to all the sportsmen that stand out".
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