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To the light! Barça's accounts for the possible return of Leo Messi

Published:6/03/2023 - 19:32h

Updated:6/03/2023 - 23:10h

Given the uncertainty about the future of Lionel Messi, who has not renewed with Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona insists on his return home. Joan Laporta is in charge of operations

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It is not a secret for anybody that the exit of Lionel Messi of the FC Barcelona, in the summer of 2021, has been a hit 'insuperable' for the Barcelona, especially by the form in which the rosarino had to leave. In this moment, the club did not have how inscribe the renewal of his agreement, although it had accessed to reduce his wage until in 50%. The problems with the 'fair play' financial 'pushed' to the Argentinian out of his house.

Since, the relation between the Barcelona entity and the surroundings of 'The Flea' has not been the best, but the recent meeting of his father and agent, Jorge Messi, with Joan Laporta has given back the hopes of the barcelonismo regarding the possible return of the '10' of face to the next season. Although the panorama is not cleared, right now seems more feasible that does some months when he was convinced to renew with the Paris Saint-Germain by two years more.

And it is that the incógnita with the future of the born in Rosario was born after the 'long' that has given to sign a new agreement with the Parisian picture. The current wins the next 30 June and, although at the beginning of 2023 after winning the Glass of the World seemed that it went to sign the agreement, to day of today has not existed any advance: In the Park of the Princes do not have news of Leo Messi and his continuity, now more than ever, is not ensured.

Between so much, from the Barça have opened the doors of the Spotify Camp Nou. Messi knows very well that the club dreams with his last dance, after an exit that anybody wanted to. They have left it clear Joan Laporta or Xavi Hernández: if it wants to go back, the club is had to exhaust all the options to achieve it. So much so, according to a new information of the newspaper 'The National', the Barcelona entity already would be taking out accounts for 'dream' with the return of his maximum star in the history.

They are conscious that it will be quite complicated, but the source aims that Joan Laporta is had to do all the possible for fichar to Leo Messi like free agent. His traspaso would not cause an outlay for the blaugrana, but yes are very attentive to what could earn of wage, knowingly that it is one of the better players paid in the world and that, besides, in the PSG understand that the problem will not be the money.

The surprising, in any case, is that 'The National' has desvelado that Messi could go back earning only 200.000 euros of wage, a figure that asemeja to which ingresaba Dani Alves in his second stage in the Barça, that is practically the minimum that it can earn a player of First Division in a season. Of agreement to this, would be the offer of Joan Laporta that will be on the table.

However, also they explain that in the strategy of the culés would be the possibility to offer him a 'incentive' of 100 million euros when finalising the agreement. Although it is an alternative that it will be necessary to see if has continuity, the Barça is decided to work in this so that the footballer finish returning in the summer. The letters begin to be on the table, although there is not at all decided.

Independently of the figures or proposals, what prevails is that the Barça has to carry out a lot of tasks before Leo Messi could return. From 'recover' the good relation with him and his surroundings, until achieving the formula so that it could fit in the mass salarial. Right now, they are many the problems of the Barcelona with LaLiga and his economic control, by what will result key to resolve it before tantear the possibility.

Barça-Messi, a necessary approach

Although it does some weeks had desvelado a supposed summit between the Barça and Jorge Messi, neither is a secret for anybody that the relation between both parts remained very touched after all what happened in 2021. The surroundings of the footballer, and he same, felt 'betrayed' by the club. They thought that it went to finish renewing and, finally, went out by the rear door. It has happened a good time, but has not existed a real approach.

It is thus that the key of any possible negotiation with Messi and his surroundings has to begin with the possibility of limar asperezas and recover the good to understand between both parts. The culés have in favour that, in spite of everything, Messi keeps on being a blaugrana more and that, besides, loves him Barcelona, where his family always was very settled.

It is an important point, without doubts, but no the only. Joan Laporta and company, in case that they carry out the negotiations, have to look for transmit confidence to the Argentinian, a lot of more than which 'had' in 2021. Leg this, the club has to have all his ready letters and present a thrilling and promising project for the Argentinian, backed with the security that, economically, could be part of the staff of Xavi Hernández from the summer.

LaLiga And the 'fair play' financial

To the thread that Messi and his surroundings can recover the confidence in the Barça, is a priority that the culés can resolve his problems with the limit salarial of LaLiga; something that conditions all the movements of the club and that it is decisive no only for the possible return of the Argentinian, but for any movement of the Barcelona in the market of signings. And, that, is the wrap bigger for the club.

It is worth it to remember that, after the wintry market, the Barça has seen to reduce his limit salarial in €7,6m, happening of the €656.429.000 to the €648.824.000 and that, of face to the summer if there are not drastic changes, the reduction can be much bigger. The limit salarial, that supposes maximum amount that each club can consume during the season, is the main enemy of the Catalans of face to the score on the return of the seven times Balloon of Gold.

And it is that, in different occasions, Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, has insisted in that the club of the City Condal has to recess in 200 million euros his mass salarial because the losses of this course have been important, considering the no classification of the Barça to the eighth of final of the Champions League and his disappointing go through the phase of groups, in addition to the recent goodbye to Europe.

Works before calling to Messi

Like this then , with all the complicated stage in mind, the blaugrana are forced to trace a plan that was very effective and without margin of error. They are not in conditions to step in false and, in fact, have to try advance to any possible stage to have advantage, because in front of the 'inagotables' millions of the Paris Saint-Germain and the offers from United States, Messi has too much in his table to choose. The Barça this knows it very well and play well the letters will define (and to time) can be decisive.

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