Óscar Mingueza found in the Celtic of Vigo an excellent opportunity for relanzar and consolidate his career in the First Division after his exit of the FC Barcelona. Although the combined Galician occupies the seventeenth position in LaLiga, to alone three points of the places of descent, the one of Santa Perpetua of Moguda has stood out like one of the best players of the group vigués in the season 2023-24. It has seen action in 33 commitments, being the second player of the team with more minutes in this campaign (2.442), invoiceing a total of two annotations and contributing three assistances. Besides, it has showed to be a polyvalent footballer when exerting like interior by the right, right-handed side and defender.

However, in this occasion his name stands out by another reason further of the sportive. The exjugador of the Barcelona club conceded an extensive interview to 'SPORT', in which it tackled, among others subjects, the controversial incident that lived in the day 28 of LaLiga during the clash between the Celtic of Vigo and the Real Madrid with Vinicius Jr. Also it referred to several subjects related with the Catalan picture, like the farewell of Xavi Hernández when finishing the course 2023-24, the irruption of Pau Cubarsí in the dynamics of the team culé, as well as the possibilities of the Barça so much in LaLiga as in the UEFA Champions League.

His controversial 'rifirrafe' with Vinicius Jr.

Conversing on the controversial 'rifirrafe' with Vinicius Jr., which originated when the defender committed an infringement on the '7' of the picture merengue to detain a clear occasion of danger. Like reaction, the Brazilian pushed to Mingueza and produced an exchange of words. Óscar expressed his opinion in this regard, saying: "it Was an action that has given him more ball by all what went out in press, at the end all the world comments the images and agranda the subject, but at the end, went that I do him a fault, that take it and he me loose the arm. The only that wanted to say him is that the manotazo did not do fault, that only wanted to it stop and already is".

Besides, the perpetuense showed reflexive on the back reaction of Lucas Vásquez and Nacho, those who went to increparlo in defence of 'Vini Jr.'. "Also I understand to Lucas, to Nacho, knowing what there is the one who tries to take out to Vinicius of the party... But it did not go for nothing my intention. It heated and already it is, it is a subject that is enclosed and does not have importance. He understood it and already is, heated by the action and already is", commented.

To close, in relation with this subject, the current player of the Celtic of Vigo left clear that did not give him importance to the chants that the fans of the Real Madrid devoted him neither to all the attention generated after the incident. "Sincerely, I did not listen at all. Yes that they have happened me videos that say 'silly' or something, but in the terracing also was my couple and did not listen at all neither. There would be some sector with some microphone near, but did not listen", signalled.

The big work of Xavi Hernández like trainer of the FC Barcelona

Speaking of Xavi Hernández, Óscar Mingueza no escatimó praises by the stood out work that has made the egarense with the Barcelonan square in this course, and also mentioned how the announcement of the game of the of Terrassa the next 30 June could have affected of positive way the sportive level of the club. "The team is very very worked, has a very clear idea and is very good trainer. It is very difficult to control and win all the parties, but achieve titles after being a time without winning and have to the Barça litigating in the Champions, is to go back to what all want to. I think that to have said that it goes it has relieved somehow to the team and expect a good paper in the Champions", highlighted.

The bet by the youngsters of The Masia and the remarkable irruption of Cubarsí in the Barça

In another order of ideas, the polyvalent player referred to the innegable done that at present they are him offering more opportunities to the young players of The Masia so that they see action in the first team, a bet that has been risked but effective. "It is truth that when the club goes juster of paste and has to throw more than the quarry, as they go out more players. It does not want to say that they are better that the canteranos of before, but when having more opportunities can show it. Now they are going out very good players, like Cubarsí, Gavi and Lamine", aimed.

When referring to Cubarsí, the young defender of 17 years that has turned into a grata surprise for the FC Barcelona in this season, Mingueza had words of praise for him: "it has surprised Me a lot, the truth. Like Lamine. It is very beautiful to see youngsters so have so much leadership and dare so much to play as they would do it if they were in the filial or in juvenile".

The options of the Barcelona cast in LaLiga and in the Champions

To conclude, Mingueza expressed that it sees the eliminatory of quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain, that will carry out on 10 April (gone) and on 16 April (turn), like a very equalised clash. It argued that the combined Parisian is a "team 'top' and has a trainer also very 'top'". Equally, when speaking of LaLiga, where the FC Barcelona finds to eight points of the first place, the defender offered his perspective. "Difficult for the Barça, no impossible. But the Madrid is strong", sentenced.