The FC Barcelona is in the research of his new '10'. Since Leo Messi abandoned the club, in the summer of 2021, only a player has dressed the mythical dorsal until then: Ansu Fati, before leaving to the Brighton in quality of loan and where seems that it will remain a season more. From the Barcelona dispatches want to recover the number in the changing room, but are conscious that it is not a simple decision that they can take airily, because it is a dorsal that 'weigh' more than the account.

Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Leo Messi have been the historical players that have carried said number to his backs. They have had the 'similarity' to be the leaders of the team, in his moment, and carry a very big responsibility. In the Barça thought that with Ansu, in 2021 when had only 18 years, went to be the ideal heir, but between the constant injuries and the little regularity that had, understood that the bet was fallida. And they fear that it can repeat the history.

Lamine Yamal, the most logical heir... But no immediately

And it is that, to average term, Lamine Yamal has all the characteristics to turn into the '10' of the Barça. To his 17 years already has marvelled to the world-wide football and is called to be one of the big 'cracks' of the next decade. In the club are conscious that have an authentic 'jewel' in his rows and that, to follow the way that has had up to now, can be a player that cuele in the Barcelona history. Of this there are not doubts, but award him the dorsal sounds like a risky movement that would add him an unnecessary pressure.

In the directive there are voices that suggest that it is necessary to give the jump and bet for awarding him the mythical number, but others do not see it so clear. Although they are in conditions very different, because when they decide to give it to Ansu Fati already was suffering with the injuries, the fear that it can repeat the history is latent. With Lamine, although it has showed an atypical maturity of the youngsters of his age, want to go step by step and give him his time. Like this it happened with 'The Flea', that lived four seasons in the first team before carrying the '10'.

The commercial interests play against of the Barça

It is a process, in any case. The 'problem' is that, from the commercial section, there is not time to expect. From the newspaper 'SPORT' have aimed, in the last hours, that in the cúpula Barcelona exists debate by who will carry the '10' of face to the next season. They are in full 'battle' to define what will happen with the T-shirt, in the middle of the wrap with Nike, and want to have the majority of details 'tied' in the next two weeks, when it will take the definite decision regarding the manufacture and production of the equipaciones.

Inside the dispatches of the club do not overlook that it is necessary to explode the sale of T-shirts in the course that comes, mainly because it will be when it celebrate the anniversary 125 of the foundation of the club. Have to a '10' result vital.. And for the moment they are not many the options that have. The name of Ílkay Gündogan is on the table, but no has gone through him the mind. When it arrived from the Manchester City, recently topped like champion of Europe, took the '22'.

Surprises in the list of the Barça

Another player, surprisingly, that is in the list is Joao Félix, always according to the before quoted source. Although there is not security that it can remain a season more, because it is yielded and the Athletic of Madrid will tighten to achieve a sale that, in no case, could pay the Barça, is one of the players by which more bet Joan Laporta, maximum Barcelona mandator. The Portuguese has been the biggest proof of irregularity in this course, but to the managerial likes him and could be an option.

On the other hand, it is descartado that players like Robert Lewandowski (9) or Gavi (6) can carry the dorsal. Although they are important pieces for the team, do not have the 'profile' that look for the culés for the player that carry the dorsal 10. The one who can put in the quinielas is Pedri González, that at present carries the '8', as it did it in his moment Andrés Iniesta, and is one of the favourites of the fans to assume the change.