The football has had to detain all his gear owing to the fast propagation of the pandemia of the coronavirus. All the competitions have suspended , owing to this the clubs have left of ingresar money and, if the situation lengthens , could have consequences devastadoras for all to economic level. By the moment, already have had to take drastic measures like the important descents in the wages of his players.

Besides, the fault of income of the clubs will cause an important fault of economic capacity to fund the signings of this summer, by what will disappear these traspasos millionaire seen during the last years, that surpassed the barrier of the 100 'kilos'. Circumstances that will reduce a lot the number of signings and that has changed completely the situation of some players in his clubs.

One of these teams is Paris Saint-Germain, that from does months, even seasons, awake the rumours around the future of his big stars: Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. If till lately especulaba with the possibility that the French, aim of the Real Madrid, and the Brazilian, aim of the FC Barcelona, left in summer, the new stage in the world of the football favours the fact that they remain .

And like this it reflects it the French press. According to the informations published by the prestigious newspaper L'Instrument, will be very complicated that Mbappé and Neymar move of Paris Saint-Germain the next season. Especially in the case of the Frenchman, since the surroundings of Nasser To the-Khelaifi would have ensured that the president of the Parisian club never has been by the work to give off of the fuselage insignia of the team.

In the case of Neymar, yes leaves an open door of face to his exit, although no with too much margin. The regulation of the FIFA stipulates that the Brazilian forward goes in from this month of June in a phase of his contractual relation in which it can terminate his commitment of previous unilateral way payment of a near economic compensation to the 180 million euros. Paying this figure, the PSG could not avoid his course although it wanted to.

The options of the Barça

Before the stop of the football by the sanitary crisis by coronavirus, this rule opened wide open the doors to the return of Neymar. Nevertheless, the economic impact has been deep and the FC Barcelona could not allow pay 180 millions by the Brazilian. The only option of the culés will be to try convince to Paris Saint-Germain with an exchange of players.