The FC Barcelona had a performance that was distant enough of what expects of a combined of his hierarchy in a context like the final of the Supercopa of Spain in Riad. The cast of Xavi Hernández was surpassed in every aspect of the game by a Real Madrid that showed a forcefulness envidiable, taking advantage of to the maximum the weak points of the unlucky tactical approach of the Barça.

After the commitment, from the City Condal have arisen several analyses on the possible failures committed by the team, with the aim to work in them to improve, since in spite of having lost a title, still remain them three competitions for contesting. According to the newspaper 'SPORT', one of the distinguished seem to be Iñaki Peña, especially by two tactical details that would have left in evidence to the guardameta Alicante that, on the other hand, came topping good recent performances assuming the role to title after the injury of Marc-André ter Stegen, the one who expects that it return to beginnings of February.

Voucher recalcar that the performance generalised of the FC Barcelona in the final in Saudi Arabia was not the best, with failures in all the lines. Nevertheless, it stands out that the designations to Peña centre in specific tactical gestures, no so much in the goals in yes, where in the majority of the occasions little could do to avoid them.

The actions where 'signal' to Iñaki Peña

In this sense, the criticisms to the goalkeeper could be related with his passive reaction in some situations, which are more associated to the paper almost of líbero that has to exert when the team plays with a defensive line so advanced. This can propiciar that, with free space, the rivals send passes in depth, and in this system, the goalkeeper has to be very attentive to be able to intercept, in the measure of the possible, the long passes to the back of the saga.

According to the source mentioned, in the club quote the first goal of Vinícius Júnior like the first example. In this played, after a good pass filtered of the English midfield player Jude Bellingham, the carioca with all the free field to undertake his big career, does a first control of balloon that goes him long. In this action in particular from the Barcelonan entity accuse a fault of mobility and anticipation by part of the Alicante goalkeeper. It suggests that, to having had a more oriented reaction to attack the played with prontitud, the course of the events could have changed, perhaps hampering the reaction of the '7' merengue.

A similar situation occurs in the second annotation, donde from the picture blaugrana think that the guardameta could have had a better mobility in the control of Rodrygo, in the first touch, near of the edge of the area. However, it is important to stand out that, because of the development of the played, sometimes these observations finish being speculative and only serve like a called to make some corrections. In any moment puts in doubt the confidence that the club has in Iñaki Peña that has known to have stellar days.