Estevao Willian Is one of the greater talents of all Sudamérica and in the summer of 2025, except sorprensa, will go out of Brazil once have fulfilled the 18 years. The talentoso extreme still has 16, but fulfils the 17 in April, by what for the market veraniego of the next year already will be greater of age. This wants to say that during the next months and the campaign that comes will begin the 'war' between all the 'big' of Europe that it wants to have him between his rows.

The FC Barcelona 'will litigate' with Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or United by the signing of the of Franca, although luckily the culés already split with advantage. The young footballer declared the past year that it wants to play in the Barça, something that definitely will give him greater eases to the Barcelona in case to go with everything to by él. "I see almost all the parties of the Barça, am fan of the club. I seat a big admiration by the players that play there and expect to be I here also", affirmed in October of 2023.

They have happened a lot of months since and the future of 'Messinho', that declared recently not being very happy with this nickname, follows the same. The Palmeiras wants to ingresar by him the 60 million euros that costs his clause of rescission and if it does fault will mount a 'auction' to arrive to this price. Luckily, the picture barcelonista could have the favour of the player, that could presionar to his club so that it recess his price, something that could be fundamental to be able to ficharle.

This past Thursday Fabrizio Romano desveló in his 'podcast' that the Barcelona is carrying the operation in silence with a lot of tarpaulin, something that definitely does him approach more than anybody to the attacker in this operation. "The Barça has done very good progresses with the comitiva of Estevãor 'Messinho' Willian, that would be the favourite destination of the player", informed the known journalist on the market of signings.

The Barça has to gather the money and study his lace with Lamine

Nevertheless, of at all it will serve that the 'folder' was advanced if the Barça does not attain to gather the sufficient money to convince to the Palmeiras next summer. It says that for then the culés will be able to fichar under the longed for rule of the 1/1, that will allow a lot of more flexibility to the hour to buy players without need to look with so much detail the mass salarial.

However, 50 or 60 'kilos' by a player of 18 years keeps on being a lot of, especially taking into account that it is left-handed and that his favourite position is the one of right-handed extreme, exactly the same that Lamine Yamal, big star and hope blaugrana. The Barça will have to decide if the investment by Estevao is worthwhile and if the Brazilian is compatible with the one of Esplugues of Llobregat. If it does not believe firmly that the 'verdao' can surrender to the maximum level like second forward, false '9' or of left extreme, could be risky ficharle by this money, when coming the club of a deep economic crisis to which anybody wants to go back.