Pablo Tower had an irregular season under the orders of Míchel in the Girona. To weigh that the míster values a lot his style of game, his XI was almost by heart, with the ex of the Racing competing with Aleix García, Iván Martín and Yangel Herrera, all in big moment. Although in the second half of the course finished adding a lot of more minutes, especially by the injuries of Herrera, his experience in Montilivi has not allowed him have ensured his continuity for the next season in the FC Barcelona.

And it is that to the margin that the player has manifested in more than an occasion that feels comfortable in Montilivi and the idea to play the UEFA Champions League the following season calls him a lot the attention, the reality is that has like main aim the can triumph as Barcelona. Like this it details it 'Sport', signalling that in addition to the possibility to return to the Girona, Pablo Tower wanted to receive a new opportunity in the first team of the Barça, and Hansi Flick could deliver it.

Pablo Tower has now a slightly upper margin to the that had in 2023

Splitting of the fact that all the players with less leadership with Xavi Hernández, or those that directly had to go out like Tower, can begin from zero with many of the others players culés, the mediocampista seems to have a greater hope to keep in the City Condal. The German technician represents this new opportunity that the player of 21 years looks for in the Barça, especially if also it takes into account his way to play.

The start of the pre-season will be key for the Cantabrian

Flick, unlike Xavi, yes that it is a trainer that uses much more the figure of the mediocampista offensive or mediapunta for his teams, precisely the role in which Pablo Tower more comfortable feels and with which better has played in his short career. The Teutonic is very near to the 4-2-3-1 in which the third midfield player acts almost like a leading second, especially regarding stepping the area and assist to the three forwards, by what if Tower knows to take advantage of a pre-season in which the international will add much more late, could finish having a place in this role beside Pedri and Fermín, the two main options that has Hansi Flick right now.