While his continuity in the FC Barcelona is in 'cloth of trial', Oriol Romeu has atendio to the microphones of the program 'L'Eclipsi of 3Cat. The Barcelona midfield player valued his season in the Catalan group and pronounced about his exit of the Girona. Besides, it confessed on how it faced the campaign to personal level, after happening moments complicated inside and out of the terrain of game.

"Regarding the physical appearance, is not what had liked me. Mental subject, neither. By errors or individual performances. I have exceeded a bit the thoughts and have given him too many turns in command", commented in this regard the footballer of Ulldecona.

Romeu Neither cut to the hour to speak on his level inside the field, where was objective of the criticisms in several occasions along the campaign. "Really I am qualified? I have it to me replanteado many times, but yes. When it was in the bench, tried to situate me inside mentally for when Xavi said me to go in. Already in the field, the adrenaline is higher and if it lost a party could not sleep... It is different to be in the bench that on the lawn", admitted.

The footballer landed in the City Condal like reinforcement for the centre of the field after the exit of Sergio Busquets, what inevitably shot the comparisons between both players. However, Oriol left clear that never saw to the pair of 'Busi'. "I value a lot of what has done Busquets but did not come with the intention of suplirle. It demanded me I more to me same of what said", sustained.

His exit of the Girona and his future

The past summer, the Barça included him in the 'operation Pablo Tower' to strengthen the midfield, and the footballer did not doubt neither a second in accepting the proposal. "When you take a decision do it with what have on of the table… I probably would take the same decision if it repeated . It comes you the Barça with an offer on the table and say you that you will be very important... Afterwards you learn if it goes out of a way or another, and create the best for you, but in this moment is what there is", ensured.

Finally, the ex player of the Girona 'wetted' about his future and admitted to want to be still in the elite futbolística having minutes and leadership. Of no consegurilo, estudaría his options, being one of these his return to Montilivi."I do not know where I see me. What know is that with 27 years thought that to the 32 or 33, would withdraw me, but yes that it is truth that now have found routines that have helped me a lot and expect to hold much more", concluded.