The list of footballers 'intocables' of the FC Barcelona seems to be reducing considerably. Although of public way the Barcelona club has wanted to leave clear that does not think in selling to important players like part of his strategy to improve his exceeded mass salarial, 'Esport 3' has indicated that in the dispatches of Deco and Joan Laporta would consider to listen offers by some 'holy cows'.

And it is that the information signals that footballers like Frenkie of Jong and Robert Lewandowski could add to the ramp of exit próximamente in front of his high wages and the good market that still keep. The Dutch could leave to another 'big' of Europe by a figure of 80 or 90 million euros, whereas the Pole is a clear aim of Saudi Arabia, and the Arab country already has showed that it can not having limits when it treats to close players that wants in his league.

Two additional options that lucen something more complicated

But the Dutch and the Pole are not the only cases that the Catalan group would evaluate for this summer with the intention to improve his 'fair play' financial. The German Ilkay Gündogan and Ter Stegen would be other two possibilities, although with something less than probabilities, to be able to go out of the Barcelona club once finish the season.

The mediocampista arrived free in 2023 and his exit after a year would mean a net profit for the club, having also in account that the Teutonic is also in the diary of Arabia. In the case of his compatriot Ter Stegen the profit also would be similar since his signing amortised does several years and keeps on being one of the best of the world in his position, although the reality is that the Barça surely leave it like last possibility since equally it would have to attend to the market with almost security look for a guardameta that compete with Iñaki Crag.

The floors, a problem that the Barça has very in account

Valuing so much the sportive as the economic, so much Lewandowski as Of Jong would seem options hit if we take into account that both could be arriving at the end of his stage in the club, and his index cards every time go back more complicated to assume for the Barça. The mediocampista is, with a lot of difference, the best paid of the team and the '9' has an agreement that goes in increase, by what the following season would earn more than the current, and of course, more than the previous.