Ronald Araújo has turned into one of the most representative names of the staff of the FC Barcelona. The defender charrúa, the one who in the past commitment of LaLiga in front of the Celtic of Vigo added his meeting number 100 with the elastic Barcelona in this contest (139 in total adding other competitions), conceded an interview to the journalists Andrés Agulla and Fernando Pigeon in a space designated the 'Papartido', in which it tackled several subjects around his professional life in the club culé.

His arrival to the FC Barcelona in the 2018

The native of Riviera began remembering how gestó his arrival to the Catalan cast, institution to which added in the 2018, with 19 of age and pertinent of the Boston River Uruguayan, by a total of 4,7 M€. "It does some years my agent said me that it went to fichar by a European club, but did not say me which. I arrived to Madrid and happened the night in a hotel without knowing by who fichaba. The next day they say me: 'come you to Barcelona'. Then I say: 'Guau! Barça?'", it commented.

The '4' of the Barcelonan square also was emphatic the fact that it prioritised his arrival to the group of the City Condal, although the club culé only offered him, a priori, land in the filial for afterwards give the jump to the first team. "Had the opportunity to incorporate me to other teams of the League. They said me that at the beginning the Barça only would include me in the filial, so I had to choose. I said them: 'Have an offer of the Barça. I have to fichar by the Barça'", signalled.

In this order of ideas, the Uruguayan, before leaving in clear that in his life "never would have imagined that would play in a club like the Barcelona", also expressed the experience that lived when assuming his first practice with the elastic Barcelona and how was very received by the members of the staff of the Barça when giving the jump to the first team (2020). "When you arrive to the training of the Barcelona see to all the stars, the same with which played in the video games. It is a bit garbled, but the truth is that they received me very well", aimed.

How lidia Araújo with the pressure to play in the Barcelona picture?

Already sumido of full in the dynamics of the FC Barcelona, where already has positioned like one of the captains of the staff, beside Sergi Roberto, Marc-André ter Stegen and Frenkie of Jong, the charrúa has not had any type of objection in expressing how lidia with the pressure that represents to be a player of the Catalan cast, especially taking into account the actuality that crosses the club. "The Barcelona is a special club and there is a big influence to his around. I think that we have to be conscious of where are and of the club that represent. The pressure is normal. I think that the players would have to accept the constructive criticisms", concluded.