The FC Barcelona follows having pending work on the contracting of a new trainer of face to the next season and surely the maximum candidate to assume this challenge was Hansi Flick, at least to the day of today. Although the Barcelona group has clear that exist 'dreams' as the one of Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp, but the ex míster of the German selection leads the career of these options a bit more real.

The German technician is definitely the most realistic bet of Joan Laporta and Deco. The agreement seems total and the reality is that it would fit more than what a lot of would expect, especially with words of approval that arrive each day, and also with informations very important like the one of Fabrizio Romano, the one who ensures that Flick would be "loved to train to the Barça".

Flick, very ilusionado with landing in Barcelona

The Italian journalist has informed this Wednesday that Flick is very to taste with the idea to assume like technician of the Barcelona team and the challenge that can represent take a project that already has a very interesting base, but that needs to give a jump of evident quality regarding competing by each title that contest. This affirmation of Romano arrives a pair of days after from Germany the journalist Christian Falk already signalled that Flick finds even learning Spanish.

"To him it would like him train to the Barcelona, recently even was on holiday in Spain. Besides, it is learning Spanish, what is a sample more than that would treat of a challenge that would like him accept", went the words of the journalist Teutonic during a broadcast in direct in the on-line version of 'Bild'. Like this, everything seems that it will remain in hands of Laporta and the economic proposal that can move him to Flick in the weeks to come.

The Barça, with a very clear mission between February and March

And it is that the arrival of the new trainer, at least with the enclosed agreement, has to arrive in brief so that it can add to the sportive planning of the Catalans. The team still has a lot of margin of improvement, especially if the German can give this extra of intensity and rigour that many times is missing him to the Barça, although the margin can go closing if some another 'big' has him in his diary for next summer.